11 Reasons Why Airbnb Is Better Than Hotels

Over the last few years, I have met two groups of people. One group says that the hotels are better than Airbnb, another group disagrees. Those who disagree say that Airbnb is better than hotels and lays out the following argument to support their claims. 

Travel With Family

If you are traveling with family or friends for vacation, Airbnb is the best option to stay somewhere. In hotels, you have to book multiple rooms for a large group. Generally, a maximum of 4 people can stay in a hotel room.

So, your family will get separated at night during your stay at the hotel. However, at an Airbnb, you can rent a whole house or a 2 to 3 bedroom apartment. So, all of your family members or friends can stay under the same roof in multiple bedrooms. 


While vacationing, a significant expense goes for food— $20 to $30 per person per day. However, if you cook or prepare your meals, this amount of money can feed a whole family each day. But to do so, you need a kitchen. Hotel rooms do not have any cooking facilities. Occasionally they only provide a microwave oven and a freezer. On multiple occasions, we found that hotels and motels explicitly prohibit any cooking in the hotel rooms. 

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However, an Airbnb always comes with a kitchen facility. It does not matter whether you book a shared room, studio, house, apartment, or a cabin in the forest. So, during your vacation, you can prepare your favorite meals for your family. Moreover, we also found that most of the host provides a fully stocked kitchen, including spices, bread, wine, and eggs.


Long term Airbnb rentals are cheaper than hotels. Moreover, renting a whole house or apartment will always be economical if you travel with a large group.

We’ve also seen where Airbnb host gives discounts to long term renters. If you compare the price per square foot for Airbnb and hotels, Airbnb will win every time.


Airbnb is always in a residential area. As a result, there’s a possibility of getting a public playground near your Airbnb for your kids. A hotel rarely has any playground for kids. At least, we have not seen any.

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If you are renting a house or apartment, your kids can play in the backyards of your Airbnb. Those who have kids know how beneficial it is. Children get bored quickly. They need a place to play, even if you are traveling. Airbnb is the best option that can provide a backyard.


Hotels always provide a TV with local and national channels. All know that cable TV is unwatchable because of Ads. It does not show what we want or when we want. That’s why Netflix, Hulu, YouTube is very popular. However, a hotel never provides these services.

On the other hand, we have seen numerous Airbnb’s furnished with a smart TV with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. Moreover, we also have seen where Airbnb host provides board games, toys, books, etc. This type of hospitality is unheard of in the hotel industry.

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Some hotels do provide laundry facilities. However, it’s not that convenient. In case you need repeated laundry — parents with kids — it’s a nightmare. However, almost all Airbnb comes with laundry facilities, or you can book an Airbnb that has one. 

If you are visiting a place for an extended period, Laundry is very beneficial. Only an Airbnb can guarantee you of this amenity.

Unique Places

Only Airbnb is available in unique places such as a lakeside house, cabin in the forest, or on the mountain. Rarely in those areas, you can find a hotel at a reasonable price. If you need a weekend getaway, Airbnb is your only choice. 

No Noisy Neighboring Room

If you stay at an Airbnb, there will be no noisy neighbor in your next room. If you have kids, you need a quiet place. Only Airbnb can guarantee quietness. Alternatively, if your kids make a lot of noise, no one will complain. 

Free and Safe Off-street Parking

Hotels always reside in a commercial area. Thieves know that travelers have money and valuables. So, they target tourist cars in the hotel or motel parking lot.

But, on the other hand, you get safe off-street parking with your Airbnb rental. Moreover, it’s free. We’ve never seen any Airbnb that charges a fee for parking.

Walkable Neighborhood

If you are a tourist, you must learn about the people, area, neighborhood, and local culture. As an Airbnb guest, you will stay in a residential area.

You can walk the community to learn more about the culture. It will complete your trip with a rich history and knowledge about that area. It’s not possible if you stay in a hotel because hotels are generally in a commercial space.  


We argue that hotels are always better for a solo traveler. However, if you travel with your family or friends, there are no better alternatives than Airbnb. In our opinion, Airbnb is better than hotels in terms of price, amenities, services, and experience for a large group.