Can I Avoid Tesla Delivery or Destination Fee?

Avoid Tesla Delivery Fee

Buying a Tesla vehicle is very easy. Just go online at and order your Tesla. Tesla is very transparent in their pricing. They list all the costs associated with your vehicle purchase, which may not be that obvious during the purchase of other branded vehicles from a car dealership. One of them is Delivery Fee, also known as Destination Fee. Sometimes, Tesla buyers wonder, is it possible to avoid this delivery fee? We are going to answer this question here.

Destination or Delivery fee is the cost Tesla charges to transport your vehicle from Factory to your delivery location. Not only Tesla, but every car manufacturer charges this fee. 

The truth is, if you are buying a new Tesla vehicle, you can’t avoid the Delivery or Destination fee. It’s the law. It’s the same fee for every customer anywhere buying the same model of the vehicle at the same time. Everyone pays it. It cannot be waived unless Tesla gives you a break, which is unlikely as they can’t do it legally. Even if on the rare occasions they do, Tesla would adjust the price of your vehicle somehow.

Even if you fly to Fremont, California, to pick up your vehicle, you still have to pay the Destination or Delivery Fee.  

Here is a more context to the destination fee. Even though it costs thousands more to deliver the car to the East Coast (New York, Maine, etc.) or Hawaii than to California, Everyone pays the equal Destination Fee. Not only Tesla but for all car manufacturers, the destination fee is an average of the cost to deliver the vehicle to all the various corners of the country.  

Avoid Destination Fee on Used Tesla:

On some occasions, you can avoid destination fees while buying a used Tesla vehicle. But it depends on where the used car is and where you are taking your vehicle delivery. If you are taking your vehicle delivery from the same location where the used vehicle is located, then you might avoid this destination or delivery charge. Always talk to your delivery specialist or salesperson before buying your used vehicle. There is no harm asking them to waive this delivery fee.