Can Airbnb Ban You?

The short answer is, Yes. Airbnb can ban you without any reason with no explanation. I know this is frustrating. This Airbnb ban happens all the time on the Airbnb platform.  

Airbnb disables account without any explanation. After Airbnb bans you they will send you the following message:

“We regret to inform you that we’ll be unable to support your account moving forward, and have exercised our discretion under our Terms of Service to disable your account(s). This decision is irreversible and will affect any duplicated or future accounts.”

However, during our recent interviews with hundreds of hosts and guests, we found several common scenarios before they got banned. We have given a summary of reasons why Airbnb bans a host or guest below.

Incorrect Listings:

If you are a host, it is your responsibility to list your rental on Airbnb accurately. Never misrepresent anything.  Fake pictures, False advertising, Listing a property that you don’t own, or don’t have permission to list on Airbnb will earn you a permanent Airbnb ban.

Identity Theft:

It could be someone hacked your account or stole your identity to rent an Airbnb. It’s not uncommon. It happens all the time. Now, you are suffering from hackers’ crime. 

Never login to Airbnb from public WiFi, your host WiFi, from a mobile device that you did not use before, or public computer. Airbnb uses a quite sophisticated anti-fraud service. Though it works, it has many flaws. It will flag your account, cancel your reservation, and ban you if it links you to another account. We understand it is not right. But this is what it is. 

Even if you buy a second-hand computer or phone previously flagged by Airbnb for fraud, now if you try to log in on this computer or phone, your account will get banned. 

Criminal History:

As a guest, Airbnb will not allow you to open an account if you have past criminal history. Moreover, if you commit any crime, Airbnb will ban you. There also cases where Airbnb banned and deactivated someone’s account whose close relatives committed a crime. 

Negative Reviews from Hosts:

After your stay at an Airbnb rental, the hosts can review you. Several bad reviews from multiple hosts could drop your ratings on Airbnb. If your score drops significantly, Airbnb will prohibit you from using their platform.

Negative Reviews from Guests:

All guests are not equal. Different guests have different expectations. As a host, it is your responsibility to provide the utmost service to the guest. However, for some reason, if multiple guests leave several negative reviews, it will lower your Airbnb hosting score. Over time, these negative reviews will trigger an Airbnb ban for your hosting account.

Lack of Trust and Safety:

Airbnb Trust and Safety team can ban you and deactivate your account if it feels that as a guest or host, you will be unable to give a safe or on-brand experience. Let me give you some examples. If any guest complains to Airbnb that he or she was subject to racist behavior or felt threatened by you — the host — then Airbnb will ban your hosting account. 

Booking for Someone Else:

Never book an Airbnb for someone else. It is against Airbnb’s terms of service. It is dangerous for both of you and the host because the host and Airbnb do not know who stays on the Airbnb rentals. Airbnb may have verified you — guest —  but don’t have any record for whom you are proxy booking. Moreover, if the staying proxy guest does anything illegal, then you will be responsible. Airbnb highly discourages this proxy booking — booking for someone else. If any host notifies Airbnb about your proxy booking, Airbnb will ban you from using their platform for life. 

Expensive Damage:

Intentionally never damage an Airbnb rental. The host will make you pay for the damages. If the damage is significant, Airbnb will open an investigation against your account even if you agree to pay. The primary purpose of the inquiry is to assess your behavior and the damage you caused. If Airbnb determines that you, as a guest could be a danger to other hosts, then Airbnb, will ban you. 

Repeatedly Breaking House Rules:

As a guest, you have responsibilities to follow host house rules. If a host prohibits partying, then don’t throw a party on an Airbnb rental. If a host prohibits smoking inside Airbnb rental, then don’t smoke as it may cause inconvenience for subsequent non-smoking Airbnb guests. Multiple bad reviews from hosts for breaking house rules can trigger an Airbnb investigation into your account. If Airbnb determines that you are a menace to other hosts as a guest, then Airbnb can ban you. 

Breaking Laws:

Whether you are a host or guest, none can break the law.  For example, logging WiFi data, collecting guests’ personal information, or putting hidden cameras in your Airbnb rental is illegal. Airbnb will ban you if they find out about these through guest complaints.

Circumventing Airbnb Platform:

If you ever try to circumvent the Airbnb platform to save some money, Airbnb will ban you. For example, you contact the host through Airbnb. Then,  you — guest — and the host make some arrangements outside of the Airbnb platform to circumvent Airbnb Service Fees. Moreover, if hosts and guests request, accept or make any payment for Listing Fees outside of the Airbnb Platform, Airbnb will ban both of you — guest — and the host permanently because this activity violates Airbnb Terms of Service.

Racial Discrimination:

A host can’t discriminate against anyone because of his or her race, religion, gender, physical, or mental condition.  The same goes for oppositely. A guest can’t discriminate and harass a host because of his or her identity. If anyone reports you to the Airbnb because of racial discrimination with proof — sometimes without proof — Airbnb will ban you and deactivate your account. Airbnb wants to play safe and doesn’t want to mire itself in any scandal. They take racial discrimination very seriously.

Harm Someone:

During your stay at an Airbnb rental, you commit sexual assault, sexual harassment, robbery, do drugs, abuse or threaten someone, or other activities that violate Airbnb Terms of Service. Airbnb will ban you upon host complaints.


After Airbnb bans you, it does not matter how much you try; Airbnb will not lift this ban. They will not provide you with an explanation of why they even banned you.  So, it that case, it is better to use hotels or other platforms.