Can I Name My Child Hitler?

Can I name my child Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was one of the most hated, cruel, and racist men on Earth’s face. There’s no doubt about that. We don’t even want to remember his name. But on many occasions, this question came up, “Can I Name My Child Hitler?”. The answer to this question is not a legal one but ethical. In this article, we are going to answer this question.

The first part of the name is Adolf, also known as Adolph or Adolphus, which means Noble Wolf. I think it is a good name for a boy. The problem is with the connotations. Unfortunately, “Adolf” always reminds us of “Adolf Hitler.” Who ruined the name “Adolf” forever. 

The name “Adolf” was prevalent in south Germany before even Hitler came into power. This name became more popular in Germany after 1933 after Hitler took control. However, this name has seen a steep decline after 1942, and after 1952 this name is barely used. This name still appears in Germany. However, only those people bear this name who was born and named before 1942.  

This name will ruin your son’s childhood. He would be subjected to bullying and hate throughout his school and college life, and have a hard time getting a job later on. Because all of this, not only will he change his name when he grows up, he will hate you because you gave him this terrible name. 

If someone wants to name their child “Hitler,” I believe it equates to child abuse. It will show your sufficient disregard for his welfare and expose them to predictable emotional harm. The welfare of a child, which includes giving them a good name, isn’t only parents’ duty. If parents fail to take account of their child’s welfare adequately, the state should intervene. So, as of this moment, though, it is not illegal to name your child after “Hitler,” but it could become a legal matter if the state wants to intervene.

Not in the US, but in other western countries, authorities may refuse to register this name, which they feel could be harmful to the child.

Even, only using the name “Adolf” is inappropriate, in my view. Many people are going to take a dim view of the name Adolf. It does not matter how much you hate the Nazis’; people will judge you as a racist and nazi sympathizer when you introduce your son as “Adolf.” 

In conclusion, I believe one of the cruelest gifts you can give to your child is to name him “Adolf,” “Adolf Hitler,” or “Hitler.” Why do you want to punish your son, who has not even born yet? Please don’t name your child after Hitler. There is thousands right name. Choose a good name from those for your son.