Why are Samsung Appliances So Bad?

After the second world war, Japan took an unlikely approach to improve its economy.  Japan’s geography isn’t that great for agriculture, it isn’t oil or mineral-rich, and it’s a rugged country. Thus they shifted the entire nation’s mindset to produce high-quality products in every category.  They raise the best cow breeds in the world. Kobe …

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What is Samsung Yateley?

If you bought a Samsung device recently, for example, a phone, and you see that the marking says Samsung Yateley, and want to know more about it, you came to the right place.  Samsung has numerous corporate offices worldwide. Each regional corporate is responsible for local sales and support. For example, Samsung India is responsible …

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Is Samsung DeX Worth It?

Dex is a software feature that only flagship Samsung phones have. Samsung says the DeX is here to usher in a new mobile computing era to replace our desktop computers. DeX can transform our phone into a killer PC.[1] So, is Samsung Dex worth it? Should we buy a Samsung phone for only this feature? …

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