How Long Does Toyota Hybrid Battery Last?

Toyota makes one of the most reliable hybrid vehicles in the car industry. They are the first company that came up with the hybrid vehicle idea and brought out the Prius in 1997. Since then, Toyota has improved the hybrid system design and redesigned the transmission of Hybrid vehicles.

One of the primary concerns of Toyota Hybrid car owners is the longevity and lifespan of the Hybrid battery. Over the last two decades, Toyota has proved that its Hybrid battery lasts a very long time.

The Toyota Hybrid battery can last 14-15 years without maintenance. 

The Hybrid battery doesn’t require any special maintenance. Unlike the Tesla High voltage battery, which is liquid-cooled, the Toyota Hybrid battery is air-cooled. There’s only a fan and air filter. If an owner cleans the filter every 10,000-15,000 miles of driving, the battery would easily last 14-15 years. Furthermore, this air filter is reusable. Thus there’s no extra cost associated with this maintenance.

There’s a misconception that if the Hybrid battery fails, Toyota Hybrid is no longer drivable. It’s not true. 

In the case of pure EV, if the HV battery fails, the car is dead. 

But in the case of Toyota Hybrids’, even if the HV battery fails, the vehicle will still function and drive. The mpg will be lower than expected, but still, the car will be operable. 

Toyota Hybrid Warranty:

Every Toyota Hybrid battery comes with a 10 Year 150,000 miles warranty. Moreover, the electric hybrid system has an 8 Year 100,000 miles warranty. Therefore, as an owner, one doesn’t need to worry about this Hybrid battery’s life cycle, status, or health. Everything is under warranty, and Toyota will service this battery if anything goes wrong free of cost for 10 Years.

A YouTube channel named “TheCarCareNut” has excellent resources on Toyota Hybrids. The channel owner is a Toyota Master Technician, working in Toyotas’ in a dealer for more than 15 years. We highly recommend watching the videos on this channel if you have some reservations regarding buying a Hybrid.

Savings on Hybrid:

A Tesla EV and a Toyota Hybrid cost about the same fuel (recharge) costs. However, a Hybrid is less expensive than Tesla but saves an owner thousands of dollars on gasoline.

[Table 1] The following table shows the gasoline costs of different Toyota Hybrids compared to non-Hybrid models over 150,000 miles of driving at $4/gallon at city mpg.

Toyota Hybrid ModelsHybrid Fuel Costnon-Hybrid Fuel Cost
Corolla Hybrid$11,538 (52mpg)$19,355 (31mpg)
Camry Hybrid$11,764 (51mpg)$21,428 (28mpg)
Avalon Hybrid$13,953 (43mpg)$27,273 (22mpg)
Highlander Hybrid$17,143 (35mpg)$28,571 (21mpg)
RAV4 Hybrid$15,789 (38mpg)$22,222 (27mpg)
Sienna Hybrid$16,667 (36mpg)$31,579 (19mpg)

[Table 2] The following table shows the total refueling cost to travel 150,000 miles on different Toyota Hybrids at $4/gallon. 

Here’s the calculation model. The Prius Prime gets 54mpg. To travel 150,000 miles we need 150,000 / 54 = 2,778 gallon gasoline. At $4/gallon, total cost is $4 x 2778 = $11,112. 

Toyota Hybrid ModelsFuel Cost (max)
Prius Prime$11,112 (54mpg)
Prius$11,320 (58mpg)
Corolla Hybrid$11,538 (52mpg)
Camry Hybrid$11,764 (51mpg)
Avalon Hybrid$13,953 (43mpg)
Highlander Hybrid$17,143 (35mpg)
RAV4 Hybrid$15,789 (38mpg)
RAV4 Prime$15,789 (38mpg)
Venza$16,216 (37mpg)
Sienna Hybrid$16,667 (36mpg)

[Table 3] Electricity prices fluctuate depending on location, state, and season. The following table shows the total recharging cost to travel 150,000 miles on different Tesla at $0.30/kWh. We used Tesla’s estimate provided by on 2022 Models.

Here’s the calculation model. According to EPA ( ), The 2022 Model 3 RWD has an MPGe of 138-city, 126-Highway with 25 kWh/100 miles. The Model 3 RWD has a range of 267 miles. So, to travel 150,000 miles at 25 kWh/100 miles rate, we need (25 x 150,000) / 100 = 37,500 kW electricity. At $0.30/kW, cost comes to 37,500 kW x $0.30/kW = $11,250. It’s a minimum cost because Tesla gets less mileage than advertised on the highway. 

Tesla ModelsRecharging Cost (Least)
Model 3 RWD$11,250 (25kWh/100miles) 
Model 3 Long Range$11,700 (26kWh/100miles)
Model 3 Performance$13,500 (30kWh/100miles)
Model Y Long Range$12,600 (28kWh/100miles)
Model Y Performance$13,500 (30kWh/100miles)
Model S$12,600 ((28kWh/100miles)
Model S Plaid$14,850 (33kWh/100miles)
Model X$14,850 (33kWh/100miles)
Model X Plaid$16,650 (37kWh/100miles)

Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost:

The replacement cost of these Hybrid batteries is not that expensive compared to Tesla’s High Voltage (HV) battery. A Tesla HV battery costs $15,000 to $20,000, whereas a Toyota Hybrid costs $4,000. 

Multiple tutorials on YouTube show how to change the Toyota Prius Hybrid battery. As Toyota has been making Prius since 1997, thus, few vehicles out there need the Hybrid battery replacement. However, the number is relatively low.

Here are two videos on YouTube that shows one can change the Prius Hybrid battery under 15 minutes: 

However, one will fail to find a single video that shows the replacement of RAV4, Camry, Corolla, Avalon, Sienna, or Highlander Hybrid battery. Even though these vehicles are almost 10 years old, except for a few, there are no significant reported issues with these hybrid systems. It shows how reliable Toyota Hybrid batteries are.

What is Hybrid Battery Core Charge?

Toyota is one of the most transparent and DIY-friendly car companies. Every Toyota’s genuine parts are readily available from their website at One can check the current price of any car parts at this website. 

One thing that will pique your interest is that alternators, Hybrid batteries, etc., have a core charge. For example, for a Hybrid battery, it’s around $1350. However, it’s not unique to Toyota. Every manufacturer and parts seller has this core charge, from Tesla and Honda to Autozone and NAPA. 

This core charge is refundable (this charge is due to government regulation.) A buyer pays the core charge while purchasing a new car part, for example, a hybrid battery. But the seller will refund the core charge once you return your old, broken car parts, for example, the old hybrid battery. It’s why if you change your hybrid or EV battery at a dealer, they will not give you your old hybrid battery.

Bottom Line:

  • The bottom line is that a well-maintained Hybrid battery would last more than 14-15 years. 
  • Every Toyota Hybrid battery comes with a 10 Year 150,000 miles warranty.
  • Hybrids help to save thousands of dollars on gasoline costs.