iPhone vs. Samsung Phones: Why iPhone is better?

iPhone vs. Samsung Phones

For the last few months, I have been using an iPhone. However, all of my previous phones were Samsung. My first smartphone was a Samsung S3. Over the years, I have used S5, Note 3, Note 5, A5, J3, and Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet. My last phone was a Galaxy S7 edge. After using so many Samsung devices over a decade, I finally gave up Samsung devices for good. I have decided not to buy any Samsung phones anymore. 

In this article, I’m going to compare iPhone vs. Samsung phones and show you how Samsung is far behind in quality from the iPhone. 

I did not switch to iPhone intentionally but somewhat accidentally. I was using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for more than 3 years. But for the last 7 to 8 months, the phone became so slow that it was entirely unusable. So, I switched my phone with my wife’s iPhone just to test out whether I should buy another Samsung phone or buy an iPhone for the first time. And I was blown away by the performance of the iPhone. 

To be fair, I was a fanatic Samsung phone user. I hated the iPhone. I thought people buy iPhones only to show off. They don’t care about phone performance. But, now I realize how wrong I was. 

Whenever a new Samsung phone comes into the market, every tech reviewer jumps to review the phone. A new phone would always be faster, would have a super-sharp display, the software would be smooth. But that’s not the real challenge. How these phones perform after 2 to 3 years is the real challenge. I don’t think any prominent tech reviewer ever used a phone for more than a few years. 

As a general user, we don’t change phones every other year. If you are super rich, then that’s a different scenario. We, public people, tend to keep phones for 3 to 4 years. I found that a Samsung phone starts to show its weakness after 24 months. Point by point, I described every detail below. 

Samsung Phones Becomes Too Hot:

This is a widespread issue on every Samsung phone. Over the last decade, I have used many phones, and every phone had this issue. Even Samsung software engineers are aware of these issues, but they refuse or ignore them intentionally, or maybe they are incapable of fixing it. 

Playing games or doing any processor intensive work on a Samsung phone would make the phone very hot. Sometimes so hot that keeping the phone in hand becomes very hard. When the phone becomes very hot, the phone charge drains very fast and becomes very laggy. 

Now I play those games on my iPhone. The iPhone never gets hot. Never. It’s a miracle. This shows how advanced iOS is. It does not matter how processor-intensive work you do on an iPhone; it will never get hot. I tried multiple times but failed. On the other hand, I failed every day to keep the Samsung phone’s temperature cool. 

Samsung phones do not have any kind of thermal management system on their phones. Samsung does not care. They have not solved it for the last 12 years. I don’t expect them to solve it because they do not know how to solve it. It’s really frustrating. 

Samsung phones GPS drains the battery fast:

When I used to use Samsung phones, I always turned off GPS except while I was using google maps. In Samsung phones, GPS drains the battery very fast. 

When I got the iPhone, my first instinct was to turn off GPS. Unfortunately, I could not find any option anywhere in the settings to turn off GPS on my iPhone. Later I realized the iPhone has an ingenious GPS control system. The iPhone automatically controls the GPS. It turns on the GPS when necessary, turns GPS off when not needed. I was pleased by this auto GPS control on the iPhone. 

Samsung phones do not have these auto GPS controls. You have to turn on or off the GPS every time manually. When turned on, the GPS drains the battery.  

Pre Installed software bloatware:

Samsung is notorious for software bloatware. I have never seen an ignorant company like Samsung phone division. Samsung mainly uses Android with massive customization. For example, a pure android is very fast and smooth, but Samsung changes the android UI to use their TouchWiz UI. This TouchWiz UI is notoriously slow. Samsung never took any noticeable steps to make it faster, or maybe they don’t have the expertise to make it faster. 

Every Samsung phone comes with Google Gmail, Appstore, google assistant, chrome browser. Samsung also puts its Email app, Samsung Appstore, Samsung assistant, and Browser. It simply does not make sense. Most of the phones also come pre-installed with Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, and other apps. A user can’t even uninstall these apps if they are not using them. This wastes valuable phone memory. 

Over the years, Samsung has proven to be terrible at software. Then why they even try to compete with Google is beyond my understanding. For example, Samsung’s assistant is the most useless app I have ever used in my life. 

On the other hand, the iPhone does not come pre-installed with redundant half baked buggy apps. Moreover, if you don’t like any pre-installed app, you can uninstall it. This also surprised me. 

Software Updates:

Whenever a new phone comes out from Samsung, they provide frequent software updates. It is required from Samsung’s end because Samsung ships its phones with a lot of bugs. It’s a known fact. It’s also known that Samsung does not provide software updates to phones older than 18 to 24 months. 

On the other hand, apple continuously provides software updates to their old phones. Even 3 or 4 years old iPhone receives frequent software updates. 

Samsung vs. iPhone Screen:

Every Samsung flagship phone model comes with a superior display compared to Apple’s iPhone. I really love Samsung’s phone display. But for the last few years, they have been stuck with curved screens. 

A curved display phone looks good, but it is challenging to use with one hand. For example, my last phone was a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This phone had a curved display. It was annoying to use the phone one-handed and type anything. 

When you are holding it with your hand, the curved portion of the screen would touch the palm and would prevent the screen from registering more touch. 

An iPhone does not have a curved display. So, this annoying thing does not happen at all. 

When I first bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I thought its design was cool. But now I believe that design is not necessary and impractical. This design creates a bad user experience. 

iPhone vs. Samsung Phones Customization: 

Samsung phones are android. Android phones are great for customization. I always thought that the iPhone is too restrictive because it does not have a lot of customization options. But when I switched to the iPhone, I realized that all those customizations are not necessary at all. Everything iPhone offers is more than enough. I don’t miss anything on my iPhone. 

Removable Storage:

Apple does not have an option to add removable storage. But due to iCloud, it’s not necessary. Moreover, Google also has option to store files in google drive, google photos, etc. 

Every Samsung has a slot to insert removable storage. It’s great to have a feature like that. But honestly, coming from Samsung to iPhone, I don’t miss it. I believe the vast majority of people using the iPhone also feel the same way. 

Common problems of Samsung Phones:

A new Samsung phone always runs smoothly. However, after a few years, these phones build up numerous issues. I faced GPS issues, Memory Card Failure, constant freezing, and random restart problems. An iPhone is not free of bugs either, but compared to Samsung, that’s nothing. 

Nowadays, Samsung only focuses on providing a very high-resolution display, lots of RAM, storage, and top-notch processor. They always try to provide the best hardware on their phones. Still, Samsung phones struggle to outperform an iPhone. It’s because Samsung lacks in the software department. Moreover, Samsung packs its phones with useless apps, features, and bloatware. This makes their phones very slow. 


Samsung makes countless phone models. On the contrary, Apple releases only a few models per year. Still, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Anyone who uses an iPhone always wants that their next phone would be another iPhone. It’s not because they want to show off, but it’s because the value iPhone provides, no other phone on the market can outperform that. Because of all these things that are discussed in this article, now I firmly believe the iPhone is better than Samsung phones.

Why do pictures and videos taken using Samsung phones look great on their own devices, but look awful when viewed on an iPhone?

Samsung high-end devices use OLED displays. Moreover, their phones screen has saturated color gamut. This makes the photos pop out on Samsung phones. That’s why many people think that only Samsung phones take good pictures, which is not valid. When you transfer the image to a desktop computer or another device such as the iPhone, you really see the original color of those photos. According to experts, both Samsung phones and iPhones take good pictures. Sometimes because of the screen color settings, photos may look different.