Is Geico Roadside Assistance Free?

Emergency Road Service (ERS) coverage is GEICO’s alternative to auto-club towing and road services (such as AAA). 

Geico Roadside Assistance is Free if you have the Emergency Road Service Coverage in your Geico vehicle insurance. After a vehicle breaks down, you don’t have to pay anything as Geico will cover all the tow-related costs.

However, Geico will not cover your towing-related costs if you don’t have the “Emergency Road Service Coverage (ERS)” coverage in your Geico insurance.

Geico Roadside Assistance is not available separately. Even though we have to carry the ERS coverage with our Geico Insurance, it costs only a few dollars. 

For example, Geico advertises that the Roadside Assistance coverage costs as little as $14, but I pay only $7.60 on a six-month premium. So, I’m paying only $1.27/month for Geico Emergency Road Service Coverage (ERS).

The Geico Roadside Assistance covers the following:

  • If your vehicle breaks down, Geico will pay for towing to the nearest repair facility, such as an auto body shop. There’s no towing miles limit. Therefore, whether it’s 5 miles or 100 miles, Geico will cover all tow-related costs. In comparison, Progressive, Nationwide, AAA all have a towing limit.
  • Cost related to towing your vehicle out if it is stuck on or immediately next to a public highway.
  • Mechanical labor costs up to one hour at the place of breakdown, such as fixing a flat tire or changing a dead battery.
  • Delivery of gas, oil, loaned battery, or change of tire. However, Geico does not cover the cost of the gas, oil, tire, or new battery.
  • Geico Roadside Assistance covers up to $100 per lockout service if the keys (or key fob) are lost, broken, or accidentally locked in the auto. However, the replacement of key fobs cost is not covered under ERS.
  • Geico pays to jump-start a dead battery.

Note the following situations are not covered by Geico ERS:

Electronic keypads, keys lost to “The Club” or other theft prevention devices, frozen locks, spare keys, and house keys, cost of gas, oil, loaned battery cost, or tires.

If you have Geico insurance, we highly recommend keeping the ERS coverage. Most of the time, it costs less than $14 for six months but covers a lot of the Roadside Assistance scenario. In comparison, AAA charges at least three times more than Geico.