Is Wish Reliable for Shopping Good Products?

Over the years, Wish has become popular due to the proliferation of cheap products. However, are those items any good? Is the platform safe? This article discusses everything.

Is the Wish App Good for Clothes?

Buying clothes on Wish is hit or miss. No reputable clothing company sells clothes on this platform. Most of the sellers on Wish are individual Chinese manufacturers. 

Let’s first discuss the negative side of shopping at 

Wish is full of misleading product pictures and descriptions. Sellers manipulate images to make clothes more appealing. The colors you see online will be drastically different from the actual product. Moreover, the clothes quality is also unpredictable.

Chinese clothes size and American clothes size is different. The clothes that are on sale on Wish were made for Chinese customers. Therefore, as an American buyer, you must purchase a bigger size than necessary. For example, if you typically wear a ‘small’ t-shirt, order an ‘xl’ sized t-shirt on Wish.

Moreover, as clothes are shipped from China through postal service, delivery takes a long time — at least 28 days. 

Wish also doesn’t process returns. Therefore, if the clothes you ordered are the wrong size or the color is terrible, returning the clothes will be a nightmare. 

Due to the China Post-USPS agreement, a Chinese seller can send products through postal service at a cheap rate. Moreover, the Chinese government subsidizes the China Post. On the contrary, sending something from the US to China is very costly. Therefore, if your clothes aren’t satisfactory, you can’t return them.

Chinese manufacturing is also not strictly regulated. Therefore, it’s risky to buy clothes from Wish because the types of chemicals they use on their clothes are unknown. 

In November 2021, The French government forced Google and Apple to remove Wish App from its French app store. They also forced Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines to delist from search results because the French government found that most products sold on Wish are fake, illegal, unsafe, and dangerous. 

The french authority also found that most electronics and perfumes that sell on Wish don’t follow EU regulations and contain hazardous and harmful chemicals. 

There are many shady sellers on Wish. Sometimes, they take orders but will not send your clothes or will send you entirely different garments. Therefore, buying clothes on Wish is a gamble.

However, there are some good sellers too.

Before buying any clothes on Wish, read the reviews. Avoid those clothes that have a handful of 5-star reviews. These reviews are probably fake. Don’t order too expensive clothes on Wish — only drop shippers sell clothes on Wish at a high price. 

In short, buying clothes on the Wish App is a risk. It’s better to buy clothes from Walmart or Amazon than from Wish. 

Where Does Get Their Products?

Wish is an e-commerce platform that is registered in Delaware and has a headquarters in California. They also have an office in Hong Kong, China.

Wish doesn’t sell any products themselves. Instead, they provide a platform for manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers. It’s like Uber. 

Uber doesn’t own or operate any vehicle. They only provide a platform and App to help ride-share drivers connect with riders. In return, Uber gets a commission. Similarly, Wish helps manufacturers directly sell products to consumers, and in return, they get a commission.

Nowadays, China is the world’s manufacturing hub. Nothing is manufactured in the USA, especially lower-priced items. As Wish only allows manufacturers to sell items on their platform, most products that are on sale on are from China. 

Wish also doesn’t have any fulfillment center, and they also don’t process returns. Therefore, all the products directly come from China through the postal service.

Is Wish Online Shopping Reliable?

Wish isn’t a reliable shopping platform. Even though there are thousands of cheap products on the Wish App, those are low-quality products. Moreover, Wish is full of fake items. No name brand sells their goods on Wish. Therefore, if you see any brand product on the App, it’s fake.

Wish has been in the business since 2010. Over the years, however, their service hasn’t improved but got worse. In December 2020, it became a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. On opening day, Wish was trading at $30. 

However, over the last few years, it lost more than 90% of its market value and is currently trading at less than $2 per share. Since it’s IPO day, they never posted a profitable quarter. It shows that Wish isn’t a popular e-commerce platform among consumers even though they sell cheap products.

Wish has deplorable customer service. If you face any problem, it will be impossible to get help from them.

Over the years, many Wish customers have complained that Wish has drained their bank accounts. It’s a prevalent issue, but this company has failed to address it. 

Products on Wish are cheap for a reason. Those are low-quality products. Anything you buy on Wish will have inferior quality. They will not last long.

The manufacturing industry in China isn’t strictly controlled like in the US or Europe. Therefore, they can get away with using dangerous and harmful chemicals in their products. Therefore, purchasing makeup, shampoo, or other skin care products from Wish is very dangerous. Because we never know what kind of chemicals those Chinese manufacturers have used in the products.

Never order anything on Wish that costs a substantial amount of money. Moreover, always compare prices with your local shop, Amazon and eBay. Sometimes, Amazon and eBay sell quality products at the same price. Furthermore, return and refund is easy with Amazon. 

Why Does Have False Advertising?

Sellers on Wish input all the descriptions and pictures. Most of the time, the images on the product page don’t reflect the actual product. Always be prepared to receive an item vastly different than advertised on Wish listings. 

Misleading product pictures and descriptions on is rampant. The sellers do this false advertising to mislead customers and boost their sales. 

Wish also falsely advertises cheap products that are out of stock. They do it to lure in customers. Once someone comes to buy the product, they will soon realize that the advertised product is out of stock. It’s a technique that many retailers use to lure customers in.

Is the Wish App Safe for Credit Cards?

Over the years, many Wish customers have complained that Wish has emptied their bank accounts. Sometimes, users also have found unauthorized charges on their credit cards through Wish accounts.

Wish has very poor customer support; therefore, most of the time, these customers don’t get any straight answers. Moreover, even though this has been happening for a long time, Wish has not publicly addressed the issue. Therefore, the Wish App isn’t safe for credit cards. Never use your credit card to purchase from Wish. 

We typically shop from Wish using virtual credit cards. These are temporary credit card numbers provided by banks. After an order, we delete the virtual credit card number from our bank account. You can also use prepaid debit cards to protect your identity and bank account. 

Does Sell Real Gold?

Most of the products that are on sale on Wish are fake. Most jewelry on Wish isn’t real gold. Sometimes, manufacturers sell electroplated gold jewelry that is of inferior quality.

In our experience, we never found real 18k gold on Wish. Most are of thin 14k gold. These don’t last very long. If you use the jewelry regularly, the color will wear off within a few months.

Tips and Tricks for shopping at Wish App

  • Never expect that you will receive an authentic product.
  • Never expect that the product quality will be any good.
  • Always expect that the product quality will be horrible.
  • Never use bank accounts or debit cards to order from
  • Never provide your phone number.
  • Remember that there’s a high probability that Wish and the Chinese seller will sell your personal information.