Is Subaru Starlink the Same As Starlink?

There’s confusion between Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink. Even though both have the same “Starlink” in their name, these are two different products with No connection, relationship, or functional similarity.

Starlink is a worldwide satellite internet service provided by SpaceX for homes and offices similar to HughesNet. In contrast, Subaru Starlink is an in-car infotainment and safety feature based on AT&T’s cellular internet, similar to Tesla’s Premium Connectivity.

SpaceX’s Starlink is a low earth orbit satellite internet service. It’s similar to ViaSat and HughesNet but better in speed, price, and reliability. ViaSat and HughesNet use geosynchronous satellites orbiting earth at 22,236 miles or 35,786 km elevation. In contrast, SpaceX’s Starlink orbits earth at 550km or 350km elevation. 

On the contrary, Subaru Starlink is an in-car infotainment and security system based on cellular internet and SiriusXM satellite radio. Subaru doesn’t provide its connectivity and internet based on SpaceX Starlink.

Subaru Starlink is composed of two separate services. 

  • Starlink Multimedia
  • Starlink Safety

Subaru Starlink uses a cellular internet based on a mobile carrier such as AT&T and can provide news, navigation, stream music, and multimedia content. SiriusXM provides in-car satellite radios and entertainment. 

The Subaru “Starlink Safety” features can track a vehicle and provide remote safety services such as remote start control, remote lock-unlock, vehicle recovery, roadside assistance, or automatic collision notification.

Subaru Starlink Subscription Cost

Every Subaru vehicle comes with the necessary hardware for its Starlink service. However, an owner has to subscribe to the yearly package to get the benefit. 

Subaru Starlink has two packages:

  • Starlink Safety Plus.
  • Starlink Safety Plus & Security Plus.

The yearly subscription cost to Subaru Starlink Safety Plus is $99, and the Starlink Security Plus costs $149 per year. There’s no monthly subscription package.

However, a newly purchased Subaru vehicle gets one year of free Starlink Safety Plus service. But if the owner upgrades to Security Plus, he has to pay $49 for the first year.

The Safety Plus package provides roadside and emergency assistance. The Security Plus package adds the vehicle locator, recovery, and remote door lock unlock features.

Subaru Starlink is pricier than Tesla’s Premium Connectivity. The Tesla connectivity package costs $9.99 per month or $99 on a yearly subscription but provides more features and services than Subaru. 

Getting Starlink in Subaru

Every Subaru comes with the required hardware necessary for a Starlink connection. To get Starlink in Subaru, visit and create an account. To activate this product, you can also call the Subaru Starlink customer care number at (855) 753-2495.

However, as previously stated, Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink are two different products. If you want SpaceX Starlink internet for your home, visit

Subaru Starlink Benefits

A cell phone’s internet can achieve many features that Starlink provides, such as music, navigation, and streaming services.

The extra benefit that the Subaru Starlink provides is the vehicle locator, remote start-stop, stolen vehicle immobilizer, and door lock-unlock. If you believe these three services are worth $149 per year, subscribe to this package.

However, as an owner, if you don’t intend to use these features mentioned above, then Subaru Starlink isn’t necessary.

For emergencies, you can call 911. Sometimes, other road users will call 911 if they see you in an accident. Locating restaurants and service centers is easy with Google Maps. You can use YouTube, Spotify, or Netflix on your phone for entertainment.

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