Actual Reasons Why Products are So Cheap

Wish is an online e-commerce platform based in California, USA. Even though Wish has similarities with AliExpress, TaoBao, Amazon, and eBay, there are also many differences. Wish is primarily known for selling cheap and inexpensive products. products are so cheap because these products come directly from Chinese manufacturers, the China to US shipping cost is low, there’s no China export tax or US import tax for most products, and most items are on sale on Wish is Fake and have horrible quality.

Let’s explain.

Product Comes From Manufacturers to Consumers

There are two founders of ContextLogic — the parent company of They are Piotr Szulczewski and Sheng Zhang. Shen Zhang is a Chinese-born businessman who came to know Piotr Szulczewski while studying in the US. 

Wish follows the business model of TaoBao. Taobao is a Chinese website that allows consumers to buy cheap products directly from factories at retail prices. However, TaoBao mainly serves the Chinese population and doesn’t have an international presence. fills the gap here. 

Most sellers on are from China, and most products come directly from the manufacturer. As there is no intermediary, the sellers don’t have to increase the product’s sale price. Thus, most items on Wish are cheap.

In a typical business, business owners go to a manufacturer in China, Vietnam, India, or Bangladesh and order items on a wholesale level. Then they import those items to the US and store them in a warehouse. 

From the warehouse, they ship the item to customers or ship those items to the regional warehouse.

All these steps — shipping, labor, and warehouse — cost a lot of money. Therefore, any item these businesses sell will be pricey. 

However, most products on directly ship from the manufacturer, and they can provide a more lucrative price than those doing business in the US or Europe. It’s why most products on Wish are inexpensive.

Moreover, Wish primarily targets low-income households. They don’t compete in the market segment that Amazon and Walmart are targeting. 

Wish has exclusively opened an office in China to help Chinese manufacturers and sellers. They are working with those manufacturers to help them sell products on Wish to US buyers. 

Cheap Shipping Cost

In the online retail business, shipping cost is the main choking point. Amazon is very popular in the world because not only do they sell products at a reasonable price, but they also provide free shipping. However, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, JCPenney, and others tried to tackle Amazon but couldn’t do it for many reasons, and the shipping cost was one of them. 

Over the years, Amazon has developed its shipping network to lower its reliance on UPS, FedEx, and USPS. It’s why other online retail businesses can’t compete with Amazon.

One of the critical reasons for Chinese manufacturers’ success is that the shipping cost from China to the US is very low. On items weighing less than 4.4lbs cost less to ship to the US from China than US-US domestic shipping. Yes, it’s accurate.

There’s an agreement between the USPS (United States Postal Service) and China Post that allows Chinese companies and people to send products that weigh less than 4.4 lbs at a steep discount. According to data, it’s $1 cheaper to ship something from China to the USA compared to sending something domestically using USPS. 

The Chinese government also heavily subsidizes the China Post. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers can send products at cheap shipping costs. 

Each year, USPS loses hundreds of millions of dollars due to the agreement that USPS and China Post made. It basically enriches Chinese companies at the expense of US taxpayers. 

No Export Import Tax

China doesn’t have an export tax, and the US doesn’t have an import tax on most products. Therefore, a Chinese company that sells on Wish can send the product at a very low price to US buyers without paying any import or export tax.

Most Are Low-Quality Products

The products that sell on have very low quality. Even if something is priced higher, the quality of the product will be terrible. 

Most of the product photos and descriptions on the Wish platform are misleading. Chinese manufacturers falsify photos to advertise their products. Moreover, most of the time, the item shown online has no resemblance with the actual product sold. Product misrepresentation is rampant on

Whatever the price of the product, it always has poor quality. These products will not last long compared to those you can buy in the US. 

Manufacturing in the US and China is entirely different. Take, for example, a company that wants to produce a rubber duck in a California factory. As this company is situated in California, it must strictly follow all local, state, and federal environmental and labor laws. 

In the US, not only are the labor costs high, but raw materials are also expensive due to strict rules and regulations. For example, no company can use a chemical substance that can cause cancer. Thus, making the rubber duck in the US is costly.

However, China manufacturing has no rules. Companies in China will use anything to lower their production cost. There’s no organization in China that looks after the standard of the product. Most of the time, Chinese companies use chemicals that are harmful to humans. Thus, they will be able to make the same rubber duck. But the quality will be poor, and it may contain chemicals that are harmful to humans.

Moreover, China has very little worker protection. In China, the culture of 996 is prevalent where a worker works from 9 AM to 9 PM 6 days a week. Worker exploitation is common in China. 

Because of the low-quality raw materials, lack of quality control, and labor exploitation, Chinese manufacturers can produce products inexpensively. Thus, they can sell products at a low price.

Most Products on Wish are Fake

Most products that are on sale on Wish are Fake, that is, cheap knockoffs of international brands. 

China is famous for counterfeit products. They fake many successful brands’ products. It includes sneakers, clothes, perfumes, headphones, jewelry, etc. Therefore, if you buy from Wish and if it ships from China, it’s highly likely that the product is fake.

The majority of products that we consume in the US come from China. Most big companies produce their products in Chinese factories, bring those to the US, and sell them here. 

In China, there are no rights for a foreign company for its Intellectual Property (IP). Therefore, even if an American company does all its R&D and spends millions of dollars to develop a product, the moment this company goes to China to manufacture the products, they lose all the product blueprints. 

The Chinese companies that make the products for the American companies also create more products for themselves with different branding but at a lower quality to save costs. Then they go to Aliexpress, eBay, and Wish to sell the same products at lower prices. This way, the Chinese companies spend $0 on R&D but reap all the benefits by stealing IP from other foreign companies.

China runs on Nationalism. Moreover, the Chinese care more about money than honesty. In the name of Nationalism, stealing IP from other nations and companies is not only accepted but also encouraged. Therefore, when Chinese companies make fake products, the Chinese authorities do nothing to prevent it. 

Most Wish platforms’ products are fake, which is why those items are cheaper. 

Low Commission by

Becoming a seller on the Wish platform is easy for Chinese manufacturers. Over the years, Wish made it easy for Chinese manufacturers to become a seller on their platform.

Moreover, Wish doesn’t charge sellers any monthly subscription fee or warehouse fee. They only take a flat commission from each successful sale. Wish charges the lowest commission in the industry compared to Amazon and other big retail businesses. Because of this low commission, sellers on Wish can charge a low price to the customer. 

Always do your due diligence if you want to purchase something from the Wish platform. Never expect that the quality of the items that are on sale on Wish will be good. These are low-priced low-quality products. 

Before placing your order on Wish, compare the prices of similar products from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Sometimes, Amazon and Walmart sell the same product with higher quality but at lower prices than Wish.