Why buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

If you are on the market to purchase a new pickup truck or a new car, I highly suggest buying a Tesla Cybertruck. This article will discuss why you should buy this Cybertruck instead of the Ford F-150 or any other pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck is fully electric:

The Tesla Cybertruck is fully electric. It’s not hybrid. Research has shown that an electric truck is cheaper to operate and maintain over long-term ownership than a gasoline or diesel truck. 

Tesla Cybertruck has shatterproof window:

According to Tesla,  this cybertruck has armored glass. Armored glass is much harder than standard vehicle glass. For example, you can easily break car glass, whereas a cybertruck glass window can withstand a steel ball. SpaceX is using the same glass in their Mars rocket — Starship. No other car company in history has ever used this kind of glass window. According to Elon Musk, it is metal glass.

Another benefit of this type of glass is a car thief can’t break into your car and steal your valuable stuff.

The Cybertruck is Bulletproof:

Tesla Cybertruck body panel is made out of 30x cold rolled stainless Steel.  SpaceX is using this same Steel to make their Mars rocket — Starship, and super heavy. This rocket grade steel is so hard that a 9-millimeter bullet can’t penetrate it. 

Tesla Cybertruck not only bulletproof but also rustproof, dent proof. In an accident, nothing will happen to your car and the passengers in the vehicle.  We don’t know what will happen to the other vehicle, but you’re completely safe in a Tesla cybertruck.  

Elon Musk even calls this truck a road-legal tank on a wheel.

Why is Tesla using bulletproof Steel in their cybertruck?  In his show “Jay Leno’s Garage, ” Jay Leno asked Elon Musk this question. In response, Elon Musk said, don’t you want your truck to be bulletproof? Moreover, a bulletproof truck is cool and futuristic. It’s also zombie-proof. This cybertruck is the perfect vehicle for an apocalyptic disaster scenario.

Fastest acceleration in the truck industry: 

Tesla Cybertruck has three versions. The tri Motor all-wheel drive, priced at $69,900, can go 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds. No other pickup truck in the industry can reach this acceleration. Some people think that this kind of acceleration is not necessary. However, we disagree. In many scenarios, this kind of acceleration is essential, for example, during Highway merging. This high acceleration is also beneficial in other real-life scenarios.

Cybertruck goes 500 miles:

No other pickup truck can go 500 miles on a single charge except the Tesla cybertruck. Often you hear that Tesla has no technological advantage. They’re using the same lithium-ion battery as other electric car manufacturers. Therefore, Tesla has no battery advantage over its competitors. However, it’s not true. If it was true, why would no other electric car manufacturers not give their electric cars a range similar to Tesla?

Here’s an example.  Apple outsources its iPhone camera from Sony.  Samsung also uses the Sony camera sensor. However, we all know that the iPhone takes better pictures than the Samsung phone camera. An iPhone can achieve better picture quality with a lower resolution camera than Samsung’s high-resolution cameras. There are several reasons for that. First, Apple and Sony work together to make a unique camera for the iPhone, and second, Apple’s camera software is superior to Samsung camera software. It’s why the iPhone camera takes better photos than Samsung’s camera.

Similarly, Tesla works with battery manufacturers closely. They have a higher battery standard than other car manufacturers. Moreover, they have long experience, and Tesla knows more about batteries than other electric vehicle makers. 

On top of that, you also need good battery management software. Over the decade, Tesla has developed superior battery management software than any other car manufacturer. We also know that Tesla is developing its own 4680 battery. This battery is superior to any other lithium-ion battery in the industry. Because of all these reasons, Tesla’s battery is better than other electric car manufacturers, and they can give a higher range, more power compared to its competitor.

If you buy Tesla Cybertruck, you will get more out of your money and have more range than other electric trucks. 

Cybertruck has full self-driving:

Tesla has full self-driving software — FSD. No other car company is currently developing and shipping the software with their vehicle.  Though Waymo, Cruise, MobilEye; all working to develop a full self-driving software, but none of them is available for the customers to buy.  So far, we know that Waymo is trying to create a taxi service,  Cruise is still developing its software, and Mobileye software is still behind. 

A full self-driving software will allow you to relax in your vehicle while your car drives itself. There are many useful scenarios; this is very beneficial. We know many people who commute more than 2 hours every day to their Office.  2 hours driving is a waste of your crucial time. If the car drives itself, you can relax, take a rest, write emails, talk to your clients, read books, watch movies, and do many other things.  I know we can listen to podcasts but driving and listening to podcasts is not the best way to use your valuable time.  

When the car drives itself, you can do more business at that time and be more productive. You can only achieve this if you buy the Tesla Cybertruck because only Tesla has full self-driving software in every vehicle. No other car manufacturer has this kind of software.

Over the air (OTA) update:

No other car company can update their vehicle software over the air (OTA) except Tesla.  Tesla is frequently updating its vehicle software, and they push their updates to their vehicle over the air. It’s first in the car industry. Even after decades of experience, no other car company can do this.  For example, if you need a software update (maps update) on your Ford vehicle, you have to take your vehicle to the car dealer, and you have to pay for it. In comparison, Tesla does it for free.

Built-in Tonneau cover:

Tesla Cybertruck has a built-in tonneau cover. This built-in metal tonneau cover is so strong that you can stand on it, and this tonneau cover will not break. During the Jay Leno show, Elon Musk stood on top of the tonneau cover to show how strong it is. 

You don’t have to pay extra for this tonneau cover. However, you have to pay up to $1,000 for a plastic tonneau cover if you buy a truck from other vehicle manufacturers. Moreover, this tunnel cover is motor controlled. On a click of a button, this cover will close or open. It is a very convenient feature.

Built-in Ramp:

Tesla Cybertruck has a built-in ramp. This metal ramp is handy in various scenarios. For example, if you have a dirt bike and a Ford F-150, you have to carry an extra ramp to load your dirt bike into the pickup truck bed.  However, as the cybertruck has a built-in ramp, you don’t need to buy and carry a ramp. Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra for this ramp. Whereas, for other pickup trucks, you have to buy this ramp from third-party manufacturers.  

We also have seen various accidents with this type of third party ramp.  However, if you buy the Tesla cybertruck, which has a built-in ramp, not only will it prevent this kind of accident, but it’s also very convenient as you don’t have to pay extra for this metal ramp.

120V and 240V Outlet:

Tesla cybertruck has built-in 120V and 240V outlets. Therefore, on a construction job, you don’t need to carry any generator. During camping, you can use this 120-volt Outlet to cook using your instant pot. There are also various use cases.

Onboard pneumatic air compressor:

Tesla Cybertruck has a built-in air compressor. Therefore, in your workplace, you don’t need to carry an extra air compressor and a generator. You can use the Tesla Cybertruck to run your air tools. As you can see, this cybertruck will make your life easier during building works. 

Less maintenance:

We all know that an electric truck requires less maintenance than a gasoline or diesel pickup truck. Therefore, long-term ownership of a cybertruck will save you a lot of money on maintenance. 

Stand out from others:

We know that many people love the sound of their truck. It feels manly.  However, the Tesla Cybertruck is more manly than any other pickup truck on the market. You will instantly stand out from other pickup trucks because of its unique design.  I have never seen a pickup truck that is more manly than the cybertruck.

Seats 6 people:

Every version of the Tesla Cybertruck can seat six people. Even on the $40,000 single motor rear-wheel-drive cybertruck. However, for other pickup trucks, you have to pay extra for extra cabin volume. In cybertruck, you don’t have to pay extra.

World’s most advanced infotainment system:

Tesla Cybertruck has the world’s most advanced Entertainment System compared to any other pickup truck. Basically, all other pickup trucks are a feature phone compared to cybertruck, which is an iPhone.  Tesla Cybertruck has a giant center console with a 15-inch touch screen. You can watch movies, use Google Maps, have a web browser, play video games, watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, listen to satellite radio, and do many other things. 

Many people call Tesla a giant iPad on a wheel. 

Futuristic design:

Many people don’t like the design of this truck. However, there’s a saying that pictures do not do justice. In the image, this truck looks ugly; however, it looks futuristic and out of this world in real life. In-person this Cybertruck looks fantastic. That’s why millions of people have already booked to buy the Tesla cybertruck.

Best off-road vehicle:

Tesla Cybertruck is the best vehicle for off-road driving. This vehicle can adjust its height. This truck can drive on a very rugged off-road due to the high approach angle and departure angle. Instead of buying another four-wheel-drive Ford vehicle, you should buy a Tesla cybertruck. No other vehicle can handle rough terrain like a Tesla cybertruck. 


No other electric vehicle company has an extensive charging Network like Tesla. Tesla has built thousands of superchargers throughout the USA to make a long road trip easy. You can take your cybertruck anywhere in the US without range anxiety. It’s not possible with other electric trucks. You’ll have a hard time finding a charging location for other electric vehicles.

No dealership:

You don’t need to visit a dealer to buy a Tesla vehicle. Visit tesla.com and order your Tesla cybertruck. Except for Tesla pickup, you have to visit your nearest dealer to buy a pickup truck. We all hate dealerships. They are dishonest, and they always try to upsell.  They do not work for the customer but themselves. That’s why car dealers are the least popular place for people to buy anything.  You can avoid all these horrible experiences by merely purchasing a Tesla cybertruck because you don’t have to go through a dealership nightmare.


It’s your money, your decision. However, we believe the Tesla Cybertruck is the best use of your hard-earned money. Therefore, we highly encourage you to buy this pickup truck instead of ford or any other pickup truck.