Why is My Wish.com in Russian?

The language on the Wish.com or Wish App typically should be in English. Sometimes, Wish also translates the language based on the user’s locality. However, if you find that your Wish.com account language has changed to Russian, it means Russian hackers have hacked your account. It’s a prevalent problem on the Wish platform.

Wish has a legitimate security breach that they failed to fix for a long time. If you suddenly see that your Wish.com account language has changed to Russian or some other language, the probability is your accounts got hacked. 

Even though Wish’s headquarter is in California, they also have a Chinese office with hundreds of Chinese employees; therefore, if you are from Europe and America, be careful with your bank account or debit card number. 

ContextLogic is the parent company of Wish.com. There are two founders of ContextLogic. They are Piotr Szulczewski and Sheng Zhang. Piotr Szulczewski is a Polish-born Canadian citizen, and Sheng Zhang is a Chinese citizen. Sheng Zhang operates the Chinese Wish office. 

It’s still not reported, but there’s some significant and severe data breach in Wish.com. It is unknown whether it is from the California side or the Chinese side. However, People losing access to wish accounts, losing money, and hackers making unauthorized purchases from accounts are happening regularly at wish.com. 

Most of the time, the Russian hackers would access the accounts, change the language, will purchase products using your Wish Cash, and ship it to Russia. 

Sometimes, the hackers will ask for a refund for most shipped items. If they get a refund, they will take the money and convert it to gift cards and steal the money. 

Thousands of customers throughout the world have lost a lot of money. Sometimes, these hackers drain a customer’s bank account.

Contacting Wish to inform and fix the issue is another nightmare. Users have reported that most of the queries are replied to with canned messages by the Wish automated bot. It’s very hard to get hold of a real person. 

Moreover, the customer support team at Wish is very unhelpful. Most of the time, they fail to fix the issue and take a long time to reply. Some users didn’t get any reply from Wish support for months. Other times Wish Support didn’t fix the issue for 2 to 3 months.

You could be a victim of a phishing scam.

The phishing scam is the most common way hackers use to steal usernames and passwords.

If you have a Wish account, and you receive an email from Wish.com stating that someone changed your account email or your wish account got locked due to suspicious reasons, don’t click anything on that email. It’s probably a phishing scam. Wish didn’t send you the email; a scammer sent you the email. 

These scammers send the same email to thousands of people. If any person believes that the email came from Wish and falls for the bait, they may lose hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Here’s how the scam works. You get a phishing email stating that your Wish account got locked. As a Wish customer, you click on the link on the email body. The link will take you to a website similar in name and design to Wish.com but, in reality, a fake website. That fake website may ask you to enter your email address and password. If you fall for the bait, you are proactively giving the scammer your Wish account email address and password. 

Remember, you put all this information on a fake website not operated by Wish.com.

After the scammers get your account information, they will log in to your wish account and purchase Wish gift cards or products. This way, using your money, they will shop on Wish.com. 

What to do if hackers hack your Wish account?

If you suspect hackers have hacked your wish account, immediately call your credit card company. Tell them that hackers have compromised your credit card. Tell them you lost your credit card and ask them to lock it. 

If hackers have placed Wish.com orders using your credit card, file for a chargeback. Don’t tell your credit card company that your Wish account got hacked. They may refuse your claim citing various frivolous reasons. 

If you used your debit card, immediately call your bank and ask them to lock the debit card. Tell them that your account has been compromised and tell them to block any future purchases. The debit card typically doesn’t have any fraud protection; therefore, you must contact Wish customer support immediately in this scenario.

Here is the customer support number of Wish.com: 1-800-266-0172. If you don’t get through, don’t hang up; try continuously. Persist until you can get hold of a real person. 

Why Are Wish.com Products So Cheap?

Wish is primarily known for selling cheap and inexpensive products. 

Wish.com products are so cheap because these products come directly from Chinese manufacturers, the China to US shipping cost is low, there’s no China export tax or US import tax for most products, and most items are on sale on Wish is Fake and have horrible quality.

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