Why Samsung Phone Gets Hot?

My wife uses an iPhone X, and I use a Samsung Phone. It always fascinates me that it does not matter how much game I play on the iPhone; it never gets hot. On the other hand, if I play the same game on my Samsung phone, it will get so hot that it becomes impossible to keep the phone on hand.

I worked in a Samsung Research & Development (R&D) Center in an Android development team. At the Samsung R&D centers, they have various internal websites. There is one portal where engineers can submit their product-related ideas.

If those ideas get selected after multiple reviews, Samsung implements those ideas in their products. Internally, Samsung engineers know about this issue. But no one talks about it, and top executives don’t care about this issue.

So, on several occasions, Samsung engineers jokingly submitted ideas on the Samsung Idea portal, proposing that Samsung should advertise their phones as an “Omelette maker” because Samsung phones heat up very quickly. 

Officially, Samsung refuses even to acknowledge this issue. On its website, they claim that there is nothing wrong if their phone gets very hot, but in reality, it’s not usual.

Samsung recommends updating the OS regularly. According to their claim, it improves the device’s performance and reduces it’s operating temperature. However, there is only one problem with this. They never provide any update for those phones that are 12-18 months older. If the phone is not high end, Samsung will never give any software update at all. 

During my work on Samsung R&D center, we internally did some research to find out why Samsung phones get so hot. We knew that no one would care about our findings, but still, we did our research. Here is a summary of our results.

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Hardware Issues

Samsung is a hardware company. They produce numerous products from washing machines to Smartphones. The culture of Samsung is hardware-centric. Top executives never understand the importance of software. The concept of product refinement and polishment does not exist in Samsung. 

Samsung makes so many types of Android phones that even the engineers in Samsung can’t keep track of it. Moreover, They make multiple variations of the same phone model for different markets. All of these variations have different types of hardware.

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For example, in one market, Samsung would ship phones with the Snapdragon processor and other markets with the Exynos processor. Some market has an only 3G phone; some market has 4G LTE variations. So, the hardware engineers are always in pressure to deliver. As a result, the engineers provide what works. They don’t care about the performance at all. 

Samsung engineers and executives don’t care about Samsung phone’s performance. They only care about their performance quota for promotion. So, if they deliver a product that works regardless of their performance, they move on to their next project.

They never stick around to improve the performance of the phone’s hardware. It is why, it’s not uncommon to hear that a newly released Samsung phone always has issues such as Camera malfunction, WiFi not working, etc. 

This whole thing boils down to one single problem. Because of these inefficiencies in Samsung Phones hardware, they never perform better in the real world scenario. Inefficient phones hardware will always produce excessive heat, and this happens to Samsung phones all the time.

There are various solutions on the internet, but none of those would ever work 100%. 

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Software Issues

In its core, Samsung is a hardware company, not a software company. Samsung lacks the knowledge and expertise to produce excellent software, unlike Apple or Google. 

Samsung software engineers don’t care about software performance. All they care about fixing bugs. There are no teams that monitor these bug fixes and their implication on software performance. As a result, if a fix removes any bug from Samsung phone even if it slows down the phone, it is acceptable. 

Their Android OS is not optimized to run smoothly on phones. Inefficient software means higher power consumption by RAM and processor. Higher processing by processor would generate excessive heat. 

Moreover, Samsung fails to manage software properly in their Phones. Let me give you an example. On an iPhone, iOS controls the GPS. No app is allowed to keep the GPS on in the background.

Every GPS data goes through iOS control. It makes the iOS efficient, uses less battery energy, and produces almost no heat. On the other hand, the Samsung phone does not have any control over GPS uses. 

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Bloatware Issues

Samsung has a history of preinstalling unnecessary bloatware on their phone. On some phones, they even preinstall Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, etc. third party sponsored apps. All these bloatware runs numerous processes in the background.

These processes use a lot of power, thus generating a lot of heat. Unfortunately, a user can’t uninstall a preinstalled app. So, solving this problem on the user level is not possible unless Samsung takes any steps.

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Bottom Line

Hardware issues, software issues, and bloatware in Samsung Phones make it slow and hot to operate. These are the core and original problems. All other issues, such as keeping your phone in the sun, malware, excessive gaming, etc. are secondary problems.

If you love Samsung, then you have to accept it. Otherwise, you may choose to buy different phones such as an iPhone, which does not have this phone heating problem.

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How to Solve Samsung Phones getting Hot Problem?

If you are using Samsung phones, then it’s getting hot daily. While using Facebook, watching Youtube, playing games, or even while using the maps, your Samsung phone would become very hot. There are various solutions on the internet, but none of those would ever work 100%.