Can Wish App be Trusted, and Why Is It Always Out of Stock?

ContextLogic is the parent company of They have a headquarters in California and several regional offices throughout the country, including in China.

In December 2020, ContextLogic enlisted itself on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the US with the stock symbol “WISH.”

On the IPO, WISH was trading at around $24 per share. However, over the last two years, WISH lost 90% of its value, and now it’s trading at around $2 per share. It shows that Wallstreet and retail investors aren’t impressed by ContextLogic’s financials. Each year Amazon’s stock price makes new highs and new records, whereas WISH lost all its share values.

Can Wish App be Trusted?

Every day millions of people shop at, and this e-commerce platform is popular because it sells thousands of products at a very low cost. However, the Wish app can’t be trusted blindly. There are several issues with the Wish platform and with the sellers that sell on their platform. doesn’t sell any products on its platform. They only provide technologies that allow manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers. Therefore, Wish doesn’t monitor the product quality that is sold on its platform. 

Most of the products that sell on the Wish app come from Chinese manufacturers. As a result, these products have very low quality, and many items are also fake. 

Most brand products that sell on Wish are fake. Therefore, the Wish app can’t be trusted with the quality or authenticity of items. 

Most product photos and descriptions on the Wish app are fake and misleading. One of the primary criticisms of Wish sellers is that they ship different products than shown on product pages. Moreover, Chinese dresses and shoe sizes are different from American sizes. Therefore, it’s impossible to guess what size you should order from the app. Even if you use a size conversion chart, Chinese manufacturers sometimes don’t make products according to specifications.

Electronics on the Wish app are even worse. It’s full of fake, counterfeit products. 

Wish also doesn’t process returns. Therefore, if you receive products that don’t match the product description, it will be very hard for you to return the item to the Chinese manufacturer. 

Therefore, the Wish app can’t be trusted because of these misleading photos, product descriptions, and fake products.

Furthermore, never give your credit card or bank information to Wish has a legitimate security breach. Over the years, many people have lost thousands of dollars from their bank accounts. Wish doesn’t have a functioning customer service. Therefore, these people didn’t receive any refunds. Therefore, don’t trust

If you really want to purchase something on the app, it’s best to use a virtual credit card. Virtual credit card numbers are typically provided by your original credit card company and tied to one of your credit cards. These virtual credit card numbers can be deleted at any time. 

Therefore, after each purchase on Wish, you can delete the number so that Wish can’t take more money from your account. This way, even if your account gets compromised, hackers won’t be able to deplete your bank account. 

Another alternative is using a credit card with a very low credit limit. Never use a debit card to purchase anything on Over the years, many people lost thousands of dollars, and Wish didn’t do anything to help those Wish customers. 

Even though Wish’s headquarter is in California, they also have a Chinese office with hundreds of Chinese employees; therefore, if you are from Europe and America, be careful with your bank account or debit card number. 

In short, don’t trust Wish and don’t provide your bank card information. Only use a virtual credit card number. If that’s not possible, use a credit card that has a very low credit limit. 

Why Is Everything on Sold Out?

Wish also falsely advertises cheap products that are out of stock. They do it to lure in customers. Once someone comes to buy the product, they will soon realize that the advertised product is out of stock. It’s a technique that many retailers use to lure customers in.

For example, many box stores would sometimes advertise 70% off, but in a tiny print, they will say “Up To.” Therefore, customers will often only read “70% off” and enter the store but will realize that they missed the part “Up To.” 

Similarly, Wish intentionally misleads people with false advertisements that advertise that they sell products at a deep discount. However, once you go to the platform to purchase the product, you will realize it’s out of stock. In reality, the product was never available for purchase on’s platform. They created the fake product to trick customers into entering their website. It’s an unethical and shady business practice that is using. 

Therefore, don’t trust Wish with their advertised products.

Is Wish App Products Good?

One of the main differences between Amazon and Wish is that Wish products are very cheap. However, it’s cheap for a reason. The product quality is also very cheap.

Chinese companies are good at making cheap fake products. Therefore, if there’s a deal on a product on the Wish, it’s probably a phony knockoff product made by some shady company. 

China manufacturing has no rules. Companies in China will use anything to lower their production cost. There’s no organization in China that looks after the standard of the product. Most of the time, Chinese companies use chemicals that are harmful to humans. Thus, they will be able to make the same rubber duck. But the quality will be poor, and it may contain chemicals that are harmful to humans.

Chinese manufacturers care more about profits than people’s health; they will use many dangerous chemicals in various products to make them cheap. Even in the US, many companies try to cut corners. However, due to strict government control, US companies can’t use or ship harmful products. Because if it causes health issues, they will be sued out of existence. 

However, in China, there’s no strict environmental or consumer protection. Therefore, they can get away with using a harmful, dangerous substance in their products. 

Therefore, wish products aren’t good and may contain harmful chemicals, specifically toys, and clothes. For example, Lead is a dangerous chemical that US manufacturers can’t use anymore in products. But in China, manufacturers still use Lead in colors because regulations aren’t strict.

In November 2021, The French government forced Google and Apple to remove Wish App from its French app store. Moreover, they also forced Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines to delist from search results because the French government found that most products sold on Wish are fake, illegal, unsafe, and dangerous. 

Moreover, the french authority also found that most electronics and perfumes that sell on Wish don’t follow EU regulations and contain hazardous and harmful chemicals. It’s why Wish is banned in French.

Except for France, no other government authority has investigated Wish. Therefore, it’s still operating in many countries.

When asked why — Wish — allows fake products to be listed on its platform, Wish replied, “under no legal obligation, we have to carry out checks on the 150 million products offered for sale on our platform because it’s a marketplace.” argues that, as they are simply providing a place to sell products, it’s not their responsibility to check whether a product is fake or not. They take no legal obligation. 

The bottom line is that Wish apps should not be trusted and always be skeptical about the products you are shopping on the Wish platform. Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.