CyberTruck Vs. Ford F-450: Complete Comparison

CyberTruck Vs. Ford F450

In this article, we are going to compare Tesla CyberTruck Vs. Ford F-450. Tesla defines its pickup as a medium-duty truck and targets F-150 as a competitor, whereas F-450 is a super duty vehicle.

If you intend to carry a payload of more than 3,500 lbs or if you want to tow more than 14,000 pounds, then you should not buy a Tesla CyberTruck. F-450 is your best option.

Previously we found that Ford F150 can’t beat the Tesla Cybertruck. However, this article shows that the F450 blows away Cybertruck in tow and payload capacity category.

Note: In this comparison, we have not considered engine oil change, brake pad, rotor, spark plug, or other maintenance cost.

Ford F-450.
Every Ford F-450 comes as dually.

Basics of Ford F-450:

Ford F-450 only comes in 2 cab configurations.

  • Regular Cab.
  • Crew Cab. 

Regular Cab holds 3 passengers, and Crew Cab can carry 6 passengers. So, in our comparison, we will only consider Crew Cab because Tesla CyberTruck holds 6 passengers.

F-450 Crew Cab has 6 models:

  • XL: Base Price $54,300
  • XLT: Base Price $60,080
  • LARIAT: Base Price $66,650
  • King Ranch: Base Price $76,715
  • Platinum: Base Price $80,425
  • Limited: Base Price $90,530

King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited all have a base price of more than $76,000. So, we are not going to compare those models with Tesla CyberTruck, because CyberTruck’s base price is $69,900.

F-450 Truck Bed:

F-450 only comes with 8 feet truck bed and Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) option. There is no Single Rear Wheel(SRW) option.


F-450 only comes with 176 inches wheelbase.

F-450 XL Configuration to Match CyberTruck:


  • Stowable Loading ramp price is $695. However, this ramp is not available if automatic retractable tonneau cover is added to the vehicle.
  • F-450 XL does not have an option to add a moon roof.
2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 XL Crew Cab, 8’ Box, 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, TorqShift 10-speed Automatic Transmission, 4.30 Limited Slip Axle Ratio, 4X4, DRW$57,065
STX Appearance Package$1,825
Power Equipment Group$1,125
FX4 Off-Road Package$400
Tonneau Pickup Box Cover – Retractable$1,695
Remote Start System with Key$250
Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning$115
BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-traffic Alert and Trailer Tow$540
LED Box Lighting$60
SYNC 3$450

F-450 XLT Configuration to Match CyberTruck:

2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 XLT Crew Cab, 8’ Box, 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, TorqShift 10-speed Automatic Transmission, 4.30 Limited Slip Axle Ratio, 4X4, DRW$62,840
XLT Premium Package$3,025
FX4 Off-Road Package$400
Tonneau Pickup Box Cover – Retractable$1,695
Remote Start System with Key$250
LED Box Lighting$60
Voice-Activated Navigation System$570
Power Moonroof$1,495

F-450 LARIAT Configuration to Match CyberTruck:

2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 LARIAT Crew Cab, 8’ Box, 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, TorqShift 10-speed Automatic Transmission, 4.30 Limited Slip Axle Ratio, 4X4, DRW$69,415
FX4 Off-Road Package$400
Tonneau Pickup Box Cover – Retractable$1,695
Remote Start System with Key$250
LED Box Lighting$60
Voice-Activated Navigation System$570
Power Moonroof$1,495

Out of XL, XLT, and LARIAT Ford F-450 models, LARIAT is the best model to buy.

Tesla CyberTruck
Tesla CyberTruck

Tesla CyberTruck:

CyberTruck comes in 3 variants. 

  • Single Motor RWD
  • Dual Motor AWD
  • Tri-Motor AWD

However, we only need to compare Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive with F450 XL.

Learn more about Tesla CyberTruck here.

Before we begin our comparison, let us compare the fuel cost first.

Ford F-450 Vs. CyberTruck Fuel Cost Comparision:

Electricity cost less than diesel. So the operating cost of this CyberTruck would be less compared to other conventional trucks. Here’s an example of fuel cost comparison.

Let’s assume we would drive 150,000 miles over the next 8 years.

2020 Ford F-450:

EPA website does not provide any fuel economy ratings for Ford F-450, neither Edmunds does.

However, numerous F-450 owners have shared their truck fuel mileage data here.

According to F-450 owners, this super duty truck has an abysmal gas mileage. On average only 12-15 MPG, and it gets worse while towing. However, before moving forward, we want to mention that anyone considering to purchase a super duty truck, such as F-450, only doing so to tow or carry a heavy payload.

However, we will be generous and take a fuel economy of 15 MPG.

Diesel price/gallon: $3.40 (Averaging next 6-7 years of diesel price)

To drive 150,000 miles we need 150,000/15 = 10,000 gallons of gas.

Total Cost: 10,000 gallons x $3.40/gallon = $34,000

Tesla CyberTruck:

Tesla Model 3 can go 4 miles/kWh. Tesla Model S Long Range can go 3.7 miles/kWh. As far as we know, Tesla CyberTruck is more efficient than Model S. However, we take a low range for Tesla CyberTruck and assume it can achieve 3.0 miles/kWh.

Total kWh needed to drive 150,000 miles is 150,000 miles / (3.0 kWh/miles) = 50,000 kWh.

The price of kWh electricity dramatically varies. However, at a supercharger, Tesla charges $0.28/kWh. [Source]

Total Charging Cost: 50,000 kWh x $0.28 = $14,000

So, we would save around $20,000 on fuel costs if we drive a CyberTruck for 150,000 miles.

CyberTruck Vs. Ford F-450 Specs Comparison:

CyberTruck Tri-Motor AWDFord F-450 XL
DrivetrainTri-Motor All Wheel Drive6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, TorqShift 10-speed Automatic Transmission, 4×4, DRW.
Storage100 cubic feet.78.5 cubic feet.
Truck Bed Length6.5 feet.8 feet.
Conventional Towing Capacity14,000 lbs.24,200 lbs.
5th Wheel/Gooseneck TowingUnknown.32,600 lbs.
Payload Capacity3,500 lbs.5,630
Ground Clearance16.1 inches.8.5 inches.
Approach Angle35 Degrees.19 Degrees.
Departure Angle28 Degrees.21 Degrees.
Width (Without mirror)79.8 inches.96 inches.
Height75.0 inches.82.1 inches.
Length231.7 inches.266.2 inches.
Base Curb WeightUnknown.8,587 lbs.
Fuel Cost$14,000$34,000
Total Cost of Ownership$83,900$97,600

Note: Ford’s website has some misaligned information in the exterior dimensions table.

Exclusive Tesla CyberTruck Features:

Though Tesla pickup truck considerably lags on payload and towing capacity compared to an F450, Only CyberTruck comes with the following features. No other vehicle in the current market has these features.

Bulletproof Exoskeleton:

Tesla CyberTruck’s body is made of ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel. This helps to eliminate dents, damage, and long-term corrosion. It’s the same material SpaceX is using to build its rocket, specifically next-generation all-purpose Starship.

The following video shows that this truck can withstand a sledgehammer. Tesla’s Cheif Designer Franz is doing the test.

Tesla CyberTruck Can Withstand a Sledgehammer

Tesla CyberTruck’s Unbreakable Window:

Tesla pickup truck has “Tesla Armor Glass.” Elon Musk calls it “Transparent Metal.” This polymer-layered composite glass is almost shatterproof. Watch the video below. Tesla’s chief designer, Franz, is throwing a metal ball at the CyberTruck Window. There’s no damage to the window.

Shatterproof Tesla Armor Glass Demonstration.

Solar Panel on Tesla CyberTruck:

This CyberTruck also has an option to add a folding solar panel on top of the truck bed cover. This will recharge the battery at 15 miles/day rate.

Infotainment System:

Tesla vehicles have the world’s most advanced infotainment system. It has Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, DisneyPlus, Spotify, Arcade games, Google maps, Web browser, Caraoke (Karaoke for Cars), to name a few. These features are not available in any other vehicle on the market.


Autopilot is standard on every CyberTruck. It enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane. This driver assistance feature also includes blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking, and collision warning.

Full Self Driving (FSD):

FSD is a $7,000 optional package. You get the following features with full self-driving:

  • Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
  • Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
  • Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
  • Summon: your parked car will come to find you anywhere in a parking lot.
  • Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Automatic driving on city streets.

Built-in Dash Camera:

The CyberTruck has 8 cameras. These cameras works as a dashcam, and recorded video is saved in a flash drive. No dashcam on the market can beat this because Tesla records all 4 sides of the vehicle.

Sentry Mode:

Sentry Mode is a feature that allows you to monitor suspicious activities around your Tesla when it’s parked and locked. When suspicious motion is detected, your car will react depending on the severity of the threat. If a significant threat is detected, the cameras on your vehicle will begin recording, and the alarm system will activate. You will receive an alert from your Tesla app, notifying you that an incident has occurred.

Tesla Mobile App:

The Tesla mobile app can control almost everything of Tesla vehicles. The Tesla mobile app has the following features:

  • Keyless driving: Unlock and drive your car without your key.
  • Range status: Check current range, charge status, and receive charging complete notifications.
  • Climate Control: Remotely vent your roof or turn on the climate control system.
  • GPS location: Never forget where you parked again with GPS location features.
  • Valet Mode: Restrict access to your car by hiding all personal data from your touchscreen, limiting maximum speed and performance, and locking your front trunk and glove compartment.
  • Schedule Service: You can schedule service visits through the Tesla app.

PIN to Drive:

PIN to Drive allows you to set a secure four-digit verification that must be entered before your car is driven.

Air Compressor:

This truck comes with a built-in air compressor. We don’t need to carry any air compressor to a job site anymore.

L Track Rails:

This truck has an embedded tie-down L track rails on the sidewall of the truck bed.

CyberTruck has a built-in ramp, automatic retractable metal tonneau cover, truck bed light, 110V/220V outlet in the truck bed.

Adaptive Air Suspension:

This pickup truck comes with superior adaptive air suspension. You can raise and lower the suspension according to your needs. This also gives excellent ride quality.

7-Day Return Policy:

Tesla has a 7-day return policy. If you buy a Tesla CyberTruck but don’t like it anymore, you can return it for a full refund. The only condition is you have to return it within 7 days, and the odometer reading should be less than 1,000 miles.


Though the long term cost of ownership for Ford F450 is way more than Tesla CyberTruck, F450 has almost double towing and payload capacity than CyberTruck. However, if your target towing and payload capacity is less than 14,000 lbs and 3,500 lbs, then no truck in the market can beat CyberTruck.