How Not to Worry About What Others Think About You.

How not to worry about what others think about you.

Here is a question for you, “when was the last time you remembered someone in public?”. You probably forget 99% of the people you see, why would they remember you?

90% of the people you run into will never see you again, and 99% of them will have forgotten you entirely by tomorrow. So what’s the point of trying to impress them? The only person who matters when it comes to opinions about yourself is the man in the mirror. Try to impress him. Nothing works for everyone. Whatever you do would make someone happy and someone angry. So, stop trying to impress others.

Look at it this way. If you see something unusual, extraordinary, or downright odd throughout the day, chances are it’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb when you’re lying in bed that evening. But the great thing is that most people are not unusual, extraordinary or odd. They’re only moving around, going about their day, and trying to get on with it. A vast majority of people tend to pass by, becoming a blur of incomprehensible nothing, even just moments later. You’re no exception to that. You’re a blip of nothing amongst everyone else’s busy day. What you and 99 percent of others do while in public is not something that your brain catalogs for later.

I believe this saying would be helpful “Other people have better things to do than sit around thinking about you.” However, You do have to admit; some people don’t have anything better to do. Anyone who judges you is insecure or just a jerk. Keeping that mindset over time makes for a peaceful heart.

Most people don’t even know you exist. Just remember that someday you will be dead. And everyone you know will be gone, everyone who knows anyone you know will be gone too. So stop worrying about others.

Don’t waste your time trying to get people to like you. Not everyone is going to like you, but just be yourself and stay true. Don’t mold yourself to others’ expectations. 

The only caveat to this is if being popular is part of your job, for example, if you’re an actor or a politician, then part of your career would be to make sure people like you. So unless you’re making a living off of it, being concerned about popularity as an adult is a waste of time. Be polite and understanding. Don’t go out of your way to piss anyone off. You will be fine.

Just ask yourself, “Do these people pay my bills?” and if the answer is ‘no,’ then you should not bother what they think about you. 

Social media is the number one way to hate yourself and the world around you, period. So, quit Facebook. You will find out how liberating not to use Facebook. Get rid of your social media.

Realize that you’re not that important in the grand scheme of things. The overwhelming majority of your actions go entirely unnoticed. The majority of things noticed are quickly forgotten. What people think of you is one of those things. It can go unnoticed, and it can be forgotten. It’s a big world, live your life.

If people judge you based on superficial things like appearance or a rumor they heard, then they don’t deserve to be part of your life, and what they say is irrelevant. If they have nothing better to do than judge you, than they’re no good people. The only people who deserve to be in your life are those who love you no matter what, who knows you for who you are.

You should only care about your people. The rest should be dealt with civilly or not at all. This is the best gift you can give to yourself.

For example, I now no longer have friends in my life who enjoy judging others, and gossiping is their prime conversation topic. It’s unhealthy and is toxic. Others will believe about you what suits them, and sometimes nothing you say can alter that.

You will never find your love of self by trying to morph for others around you to make them happy or please them. You don’t own others’ reactions to you — only your actions towards them.

I believe you have to work on yourself and figure out why it matters to you. It’s all about the words you say to yourself. The more positive your thoughts are about others and yourself, the more confidence you feel with yourself. In time you will start to like who you are, and that’s when you will not care what anyone thinks. It’s all about what you think.

Be yourself and give zero attention to others’ opinions, because honestly, their thoughts do not rule your life. It’s not something to train, it’s something to unlearn.

Here is positive thinking. If they know, they aren’t thinking about you. If they’re thinking about you, it’s probably nothing terrible. If they’re thinking something bad, you can’t be responsible for how their thoughts are formed or assembled.

You will soon realize that everyone is thinking about themselves way more than they’re thinking about you. We’re also our own worst critic, so remember to go easy on yourself. Nobody else’s opinion matters to your life either way, and being self-conscious is a waste of energy.

Here is a piece of good news. As you grow older, all negative thoughts about yourself would diminish slowly. During your life, you’ll train your brain in various ways, like sports or creating music. By doing so, you trigger your brain to keep making brain cells. As you get older, a new system in your brain develops that kind of influence the part of your brain that manages emotions. The more this grows, the less negative feelings you get.

Everything boils down to “Stop worrying about things you can’t control”. You should focus entirely on yourself and your interactions with people. It would help you care less about what they think about you and more about living in the moment with someone you want to spend time with.