I’m an introvert. This is my experience.


I’m an introvert. But surprisingly, even I did not know that. I always thought that I have some social or mental issues. But now I know that I’m not alone. There are millions of people out there who are also like me.

I’m an introvert not by choice but by the way God created me. Can I try to be an extrovert? The answer is, No. I can’t change the way my brain works. Let me give you some examples below.

I talk very little. If I talk more, I feel exhausted. However, there are scenarios when I like to talk more. For example, If someone asks me for information on any topics that I know well, I can explain that very well. But most of the time I like to listen more and talk less. This gives me mental satisfaction. I feel a calmness in my heart.

I don’t like to talk on phones. Most of the time I don’t take phone calls unless it’s from my wife or parents. I have a handful of friends. But I don’t talk to them unless it’s an absolute necessity. I don’t know why. I prefer text. But even if I get text messages from someone, it does not mean that I would reply.

In my opinion, the most significant benefit of being an introvert is that we don’t need other people’s social validation. We can go on solo travel for months without any fatigue. I can go hiking for months without any problem. As I love loneliness, being alone gives me a feeling of mental peace.

During the last coronavirus pandemic, almost every neighborhood was in lockdown. Everyone was stuck in their home. It was a harrowing experience for extroverts who love social gatherings. Without parks, visits, bar gatherings, parties, etc. many people became very upset. But that lockdown did nothing to us mentally.

As you can see, we love isolation. We introverts enjoy it. So, the last coronavirus lockdown was not painful for us.

What do introverts do when alone?

I watch YouTube videos, Hulu, Netflix, and use Twitter. Sometimes I go to a quiet place and observe nature. I don’t like to talk a lot. So, I don’t call anyone unless it’s urgent.

I observe people a lot. How they talk, walk, sit. I also observe their facial expression, body language, etc. This observation is part of me.

I prefer email and text messages. I don’t like to talk on phones. I don’t know why, but I feel uncomfortable talking on phones. But here’s a real thing. Even if someone texts me, that does not mean I’m going to give a reply. If it’s urgent, I will reply; otherwise, I won’t.

Introverts Loves Loneliness

Because I’m an introvert, some jobs are hard for me to continue. Any job that requires customer handling is tough for me. I’m not made that way to handle people. Taxi driving, call center jobs, food service, or customer service jobs are unbearable for me. I tried to work for Lyft for a few days but could not continue. I took a job in a shop called VIM, where my job was to check every customer’s bag leaving the store. I quit that job after three weeks. I took a part-time job in a gift shop but quit after a few months.

Those jobs that require very little human interaction is suitable for us. Food delivery, agricultural work, online works are best suited for introverts.

I don’t want any trouble nor any responsibility. I always try to avoid conflict. If someone is very mean to me or I don’t like someone, I simply avoid them. I don’t talk to them, nor I visit them.

Are introverts shy?

I don’t know about other introverts, but I’m shy.

Pros of being an introvert:

From my experience, these are a few advantages of being an introvert:

We enjoy loneliness. When we are alone, we feel mental peace. So, for any reason, if we are stuck at home, we don’t face any problems. I can sit on a chair and stare at the sky, and I will not feel bored.

We listen a lot but talk less. This is great for relationships. Sometimes you need to listen to your partner and don’t interrupt or feel bored. Introverts can do this without any problem. I have seen couples where one partner is introvert, and another partner is an extrovert. In my opinion, these couples’ relationships last a long time.

Hiking and traveling solo is best suited for introverts. I don’t like to walk inside a shopping mall, but I can walk hours after hours in hiking trails. Making a solo cross country road trip is easy for an introvert.

Do introverts feel angry?

Yes, we do. But many times, we try to contain the anger or may not express it.

Cons of introverts:

From my experience, these are a few disadvantages of being an introvert:

Not every job is suitable for introverts. Especially those jobs that require customer handling are a terrible fit for an introvert.

Long-distance relationships could become sour. We introverts talk less and don’t communicate unless necessary. Many times I didn’t even call my parents for months. This non-communication could make relationships tense. Not from our side but from the other side.

People may think that introverts are not social. But that’s not true. We mix with people but not the way extroverts do. Still, this could give a wrong first impression in public gatherings.

There are businesses where you need to handle people. For example, being a landlord isn’t easy. Especially screening people and collecting rent is a challenging task. This task isn’t easy for an introvert.


This article is entirely my experience. There are different types of introverts. My experience may not match with other people. But, I believe this article has given you an in-depth view of an introvert’s thinking.