Is Stock Market Wolf Legit?

Stock Market Wolf is not necessarily a scam. If you are a beginner, the course has some trustworthy information. However, if you already have some basic understanding of the stock market, this course will not give you any revolutionary knowledge. The fact is, all of the course information is readily available online for free. So, if you are an active learner, this course is not worth it.

Here is the primary thing. If their methods worked, they would not sell it for money. They would use those techniques for themselves to make money. 

However, they are selling courses because they are not making enough money even with their strategy. So, now they are sugar-coating everything and trying to earn by selling courses.

There is a counter-argument too. If a chef writes a recipe and sells it, is it a scam? No. It’s legit. However, the chef is selling the recipe because he figured out that he can earn more money by selling it; because he could not make enough by selling the food following his recipe. Probably his recipe produces bad tasting food.

Consider this, will KFC ever disclose their fried chicken recipe? Will Coca Cola tell us about its ingredients? No.

These so-called trading gurus figured out that selling courses is scalable, doesn’t have high risk, and easier to execute than trading.

No one can predict the stock market. This business is full of scam artists, cons, copy cats, and psychopaths. So, be careful. There’s no one secret thing to win every trade.

Our Observation Regarding Trading Courses:

Anything you need to know about trading is available online. You don’t need to pay anyone to learn stock trading. There are hundreds of websites, legit youtube channels that can teach you.

To be profitable in the stock market, please do your research. Don’t rely on others to research for you. Everyone is in the market to make money. 

Always be skeptical about online courses. If someone says that they made millions on the stock market and now want to teach you how to trade for a fee, that’s a big red flag. 

Real-World experience is vital. You can learn the basics of trading for free online; you don’t need to pay any money. If you want to buy a DVD that costs $500, we suggest you first search online and watch youtube videos to learn about the stock market.

When I started, I knew nothing. So, I bought books and various courses. My argument was that the amount of money I’m spending is an investment for my education. I will get all my money back when I start trading. I also joined various chat rooms and online groups. But later, I found that these chat groups and courses were not that helpful.

Remember, everyone out there wants your money. If these traders are so successful and so benevolent, why not start a YouTube channel and share their knowledge for free. They will never do it. You know why? They never made consistent money on the stock market. Their primary income source is the course, and their books, NOT the stock market.

Of course, you can make money by day trading or swing trading. But, to make money, you should look at company fundamentals. Always remember that stock market manipulation is very real. Don’t trust any news or print media.

All the newspapers and TVs are not working in the best interest of the retail investors. They are working for big hedge funds. If they want a stock to go down, they will intentionally release misleading or false news about companies to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt among people. 

If they want a stock to go up, they will first raise the analyst ratings, then go to CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo news, talk about the company, and start the hype. When the stocks go up, they do the reverse. 

They do this over several months, sometimes over several years. We retail investors want to make money quickly. As a result, most of the time, retail investors lose money. I found that you can consistently make money on the stock market if you play the long game.

Please, don’t go into the stock market with a get rich quick mentality. Don’t raise your expectations too high. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

If anyone sells you dreams, remember, it will stay a dream. 

Many course sellers entice everyone by promising that we can make x amount of money each day. We can do it from anywhere. Anyone can do it. We can retire now; we can leave our day job and can gain financial freedom. 

These are the talks of a scammer. They know what we want to hear. So, they say those to grab our attention and take our money. 

There’s no easy way to make money. No get rich quick strategy is sustainable. Otherwise, everyone would have done it.

Here is the harsh truth. The stock market does not generate money. If you profit on a stock, it means someone lost money. If you lose money, it means someone took profit. 

Other than the dividend, we can only make money if we judge a company correctly. For example, we know that between hydrogen electric vehicle (HEV) vs. battery electric vehicle (BEV), BEV wins. HEV does not make sense. So, if you had to choose between Tesla and Nikola stocks, Tesla makes more sense than Nikola stock. 

Whenever you want to invest in a company, always do your first principle research. Even if in the short term the stock goes down, you should hold your position. If all the fundamentals of a business are sound, the stock definitely will go up. 

If someone wants to teach you how to make money daily, be careful. You can’t win on all trades on the market. You can’t make money daily on the stock market. If a stock guru shows his winning trades but never shows you his losing trades, be careful. 

Please don’t jump on the options trading or the short selling. As I previously said, stock market manipulation is very real. Therefore, instead of shorting stocks, go long on a good company’s stock. In the long term, you will make money. Patience is the key. Don’t panic sell. 

Always do sensible risk management. Please don’t put all your money in one stock. So, one bad trade will not wipe out your account. You may lose something but not all gains in your earnings.

Bottom Line:

You can learn all the basics of stock trading online. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for courses. Use first principle thinking, find good companies, buy stock, and wait. 

Don’t panic about short term fluctuation on the share prices. Don’t panic, be patient. You can make money. If anyone is trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme or a dream, it’s a scam.