What is Samsung Yateley?

If you bought a Samsung device recently, for example, a phone, and you see that the marking says Samsung Yateley, and want to know more about it, you came to the right place. 

Samsung has numerous corporate offices worldwide. Each regional corporate is responsible for local sales and support. For example, Samsung India is responsible for the East Asian market, and their headquarter is in India. 

Similarly, In the UK, they also have a corporate office. The address is Samsung Electronics Euro QA Lab, Blackbushe Business Park, Saxony Way, Yateley, Hampshire, GU46 6GG, UK. 

Therefore, if you buy a phone and a print on the back that says SAMSUNG Yateley, GU46 6GG, UK, don’t freak out. Your phone is not fake, nor is it refurbished. It’s a new phone. It’s only a seal that Samsung Yateley corporate headquarters decided to print. 

Also, if there is a print that says “Made in Vietnam.” don’t fret. Samsung has numerous phone manufacturing facilities worldwide. For example, in China, Vietnam, India, South Korea. Therefore, all it means is that Samsung made your phone in Vietnam manufacturing facilities, and Samsung Yateley was responsible for looking over the phone project. 

We also point out that Samsung has numerous (Research & Development) R&D centers worldwide. A separate R&D center is responsible for different versions of the same phone. For example, Samsung USA R&D is accountable for the S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra sales in North America. However, Samsung India is responsible for all the S21s that sell in East Asia, Middle East, and Africa. 

We have seen that many Samsung phone buyers prefer a phone that the US or European R&D produced over Chinese R&D. Though we are not sure, many buyers say that European phones have good optimized Android OS with fewer bugs than Chinese R&D phones. Therefore, they even ready to pay extra for Samsung Yateley phones than Samsung China phones. 

In short, Your device is one of the best Samsung devices on the market. So, enjoy it and don’t freak out.