SpaceX’s Starlink Internet has Enormous Potential

SpaceX is launching a massive satellite constellation for low cost, fast, and reliable broadband internet. If everything goes according to plan, Elon Musk hopes Starlink can start their service in 2020. This SpaceX’s Starlink has huge market potential. Here’s are few-

1. Tesla’s:
Currently, Tesla vehicles are dependent on WiFi and cellular internet. Once Starlink starts its service, we are pretty sure Tesla will start using Starlink internet. This not only helps the customer with excellent internet but also Starlink with a vast customer base.

2. Airlines:
Almost all airlines provide onboard WiFi. Some are free, some are paid. But for all cases, airline WiFi quality is not that good [link 3]. It’s very slow because most of them use satellite internet. In the current state, satellite internet is very slow and very costly. Even if Airlines try to give good WiFi on-board, it’s not possible to provide. But Starlink will be revolutionary for airlines. This internet not only will be cheaper but also faster than traditional satellite internet.

3. Rural Areas:
Almost all rural areas’ internet is pretty bad. Sometimes it’s a monopoly business. It’s expensive, slow, and unreliable [pewresearch, link 8]. Think about Maine, Vermont, Alaska, South Dakota, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, etc states. The average download speed in these areas is less than 25 Mbps [link 10]. Any areas where traditional cable internet is not satisfactory, the customer will definitely switch to Starlink if they are informed and the price is right.

4. RVs:
RV community has a major problem regarding reliable internet. Internet service in national parks, national forests is nonexistent. RV community tries to use cell phone booster or sometimes satellite internet. As far as we know, Starlink receiver is portable. This will definitely be helpful for the RV community.

5. At Sea:
At sea, the only source of internet is satellite. It’s very expensive and slow. Starlink’s low orbit satellite not only will be able to provide fast internet but also at a cheap rate. So cruise ships, cargo ships, or private ships all will enjoy the internet which was impossible to get previously.

6. Receiver in Phones:
Initially, Starlink user terminals will be pizza box-sized. It is for household use. But we know satellite phones exist, and the receiver in those phones is small. So, we will not be surprised if after 10 years SpaceX develops a receiver chip just like GPS, or WiFi chip which will fit inside our portable devices such as iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops. This will directly enable us to use the Starlink internet on our phones. As technology progresses it will definitely rival with 4G/5G cellular internet.

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