What is Airbnb Superhost?

An Airbnb Superhost () is a host who has an overall 4.8+ ratings from the guests, has less than 1% cancellation rate, responds to 90% of guest inquiries within 24 hours, and has more than 10 bookings and stays in their Airbnb rental property in the past 12 months.  

Superhosts () are reliable and experienced hosts whom you can trust for an excellent service. However, someone is Superhost () does not mean his/her rental property meets all qualities that you are looking for, nor it implies that it is inherently safe.

Airbnb automatically checks the host’s activity four times a year — 1st day of January, April, July, and October.  The assessment takes into account the host’s activities for the last 12 months. If the host meets all the Superhost () criterion such as:

  • A host responded to guests within 24 hours, and the response rate is higher than 90%.
  • The host has a 4.8+ overall rating based on reviews from Airbnb guests.
  • The host’s cancellation rate is less than 1%. It means the host has not canceled any guest booking in the last 100 reservations.
  • The host had 10 stays in his/her Airbnb rental, or the host only had 3 reservations, but the guests stayed more than 100 nights in those 3 reservations.

A host does not need to apply to become a Superhost. The process is automatic from Airbnb. If any host qualifies to become Superhost, Airbnb notifies them through email. A Superhost badge () automatically appears on their listing and on their profile to help upcoming guests to identify.

As this Superhost() selection criterion is automated, none can change or manipulate it, not even the Airbnb customer service team. As a guest, rest assured that, if you see any Superhost on Airbnb.com, they are 100% genuine. 

Response Rate and Time:

A Superhost needs to keep a response rate of 90% or more. It means he/she needs to respond 90% of inquiries within 24 hours. If the host fails to respond to guest inquires on time, not only his/her response rate will drop, but also the host’s Airbnb property listing would drop in Airbnb search ranking. It’s true. 

Superhost Badge:

If you are a Superhost, but you don’t want to show the Superhost badge () in your Airbnb profile, you need to contact the Airbnb customer service team. They can remove this badge from your profile. However, the removal of this Superhost badge () does not disqualify you as Superhost. If you want to show the Superhost badge again in your profile, contact the Airbnb customer center again.

As a guest, I always book with a Superhost if available in a particular area. I trust them. They are generally super friendly, don’t cancel a reservation, are excellent communicators, and keep their place clean and safe. 

I’ve seen that Superhost gets more booking requests from guests, and Airbnb favors Superhost’s listing in their search result, which gives Superhost’s Airbnb rentals more exposure.  After each year, Superhost also gets a $100 travel coupon as a gift from Airbnb.


In my opinion, Superhost () is a symbol of trust in the Airbnb community. I always feel safer in a Superhost property and urge every future guest to book with a Superhost whenever possible.