Why is Camping in Video Games Bad?

Camping in video games is a controversial topic. Some players argue that it’s a good technique, and others claim it’s a form of cheating. 

Some players argue that holding a strategic place is good and acceptable. However, others claim that hiding in a single location is camping and should not be done.

Camping in video games is bad because if everyone is hiding in a fast-paced shooter game, the game will become unfun, tedious, and boring. If everyone is camping, there will be no progress. Moreover, it will become frustrating if the opposing player always kills you from their hideout.

Conflicts Between Own Team Players

In multiplayer games, team playing is everything. However, if several players of the same team are camping without participating in the game, it is terrible. It may create conflicts between teammates. Players actively participating to eliminate opponents may feel like they are left abandoned or their teammates aren’t doing anything for the team.

Spawn Camping

Spawn camping is the method where a gamer camps near the opponent’s spawn location. In this method, a player hides near the spawn location, waits for the opponent to enter the game, and kills them whenever they set foot into the game. 

However, many gamers severely dislike spawn camping and consider it unethical game tactics. This camping method doesn’t allow the opponent player a fair chance to fight. Those already in the game prevent a new player from coming into the game.

Vehicle Camping

Vehicle camping gives an unfair advantage to a player. If a game has an armored vehicle, players can camp inside the vehicle. The armor of the vehicle protects the player and supplies unlimited ammunition. This way, instead of spending one’s ammunition, one gets to use unlimited ammunition from the armored vehicle.

Even though the players aren’t doing anything unethical, they are only taking advantage of the game’s fault. Still, many frowns upon vehicle camping.

Makes the Game Boring

Camping in video games makes it dull. If everyone is camping, nothing will happen in the game. The game only becomes fun when everyone participates in it. Nevertheless, it is acceptable if an equal number of players camp in the game. This balances the gameplay. However, if everyone is camping, the game is effectively void of joy and fun.

In many games, to counter the camping is only by more camping. If the opposing team players are camping and not participating in the games, you, too, should start camping. Even though this makes the game less fun, it will test your opponent’s patience. The person first to lose patience may lose the game. 

Bunny Hopping

Video game players sometimes use erratic walking or running to avoid snipers or campers. It’s known as bunny hopping. Even though this method doesn’t work consistently, it’s practical to protect oneself from amateur campers and snipers.

However, camping is not always the best idea. If the opposition party can find out the camper’s position, they can inform the camper position to their teammates via text or voice message. Thus, the opposing players can come to the camper’s position from a different angle and eliminate him.

Camping is frowned upon in the gaming industry. Because a game is played for fun and is enjoyable only when there’s a conflict between parties, it’s not fun anymore when someone is hiding in a single spot and not contributing to the game.

Moreover, if multiple people in the same team are camping, it effectively cripples the team because no one participates in the game. 

Counter Argument

Many players who use the camping technique say that those who criticize camping aren’t good players. Therefore, they blame campers for their terrible gameplay.

If a player finds a spot in a game for a perfect hideout, why shouldn’t the player use it to their advantage? There are many counter-tactics that a player can use to save them from campers. If the new player doesn’t know about all the gaming strategies, it’s not the camper’s fault.

Moreover, different games have different tactics. If a game warrants camping as a strategic move, why not use it?