Why Doesn’t Tesla Use LiDAR?

On the fourth-quarter Tesla earnings call in 2020, CEO Elon Musk said even if someone gives Tesla free LiDAR, they will not use it. So why doesn’t Tesla use LiDAR? According to Tesla and Elon Musk, it’s because LiDAR is expensive, redundant, unreliable. Tesla Cameras and its neural net computer can reconstruct a 3D world …

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Why Will Waymo Fail?

Waymo already solved the self-driving problem. They have Level 4 self-driving taxis in Arizona. So, why are they not expanding their self-driving services to other cities, states, or countries? The answer to this question will show us why Waymo will fail. Waymo will fail because it relies on technology that is not scalable and expensive, …

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Why Samsung Uses Different Processors?

Samsung makes two versions of each of their phone. One version uses Qualcomm’s snapdragon processor; the other version uses Samsung’s Exynos processor. Samsung ships snapdragon processor phones exclusively to the US and sometimes to Europe. The rest of the world gets the Exynos processor.  The question is why Samsung uses different processors for different markets? …

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