Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: 21 Things You Don’t Know.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a stunningly beautiful phone we have ever seen. Though everyone knows this phone’s specs, there are 21 things that you may not know about Galaxy Fold 2. Please continue reading to learn it all.

How many times can you fold the Galaxy Z Fold 2?

We have met many who are concerned that the Galaxy Fold screen may fail because it has a flexible display. However, according to Samsung, one can open and close the Galaxy Fold 2 more than 2,00,000 times in its lifetime. It means you can open and close the Galaxy Fold 2 every 15 minutes 24 hours a day without stopping for 6 years. Another way, if you open and close the Fold 2 every 5 minutes 12 hours a day, this Galaxy Fold will easily outlast 4 years.

Galaxy Fold 2 comes with a screen warranty:

Don’t worry about any screen failure for your Fold 2. Every Galaxy Fold device comes with a Samsung One-time screen replacement warranty. Samsung would replace the inner foldable screen for only $149 under this warranty. It is fantastic news. If you purchase this Fold 2, you don’t need to worry about any screen issues that may arise due to your phone’s numerous folding.

Samsung has a financing offer to purchase its phones:

We know that Galaxy Fold 2 is a costly phone at $2000. However, Samsung has introduced a financing offer to help customers to purchase this phone. Samsung offers the Fold 2 at $41.66/mo for 48 months at a 0% APR. Moreover, if you previously purchased the Galaxy Fold first generation, Samsung would give you an $800 trade-in credit.

There’s another benefit of Samsung financing. If you purchase your Galaxy Fold 2 through this financing offer, Samsung will give you $1000 back if you return your Galaxy Fold 2 in good condition within 20 months. Though, this offer is only available for unlocked Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Fold 2’s Free offers:

Galaxy Fold 2 comes with 4 Free months of YouTube premium subscription, its estimated value is $48. 6 free months of Spotify Premium, the estimated value of $60. Furthermore, an option to purchase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Bundle, including a Bluetooth gaming controller to play Xbox games on the Fold 2, with three months access to over 100 Xbox games worth $115.

Galaxy Fold 2 will have an extended OS update:

Samsung is not known to support their devices for an extended period. With numerous examples, we found that Samsung provides OS updates for only 18 to 24 months. However, during their unpacked event, Samsung promised to support their Fold 2 devices up to 3 generations. That means Samsung would release OS updates for this phone up to 36 months.

Fold 2 Supports Reverse Wireless Charging:

Galaxy Fold 2 supports reverse wireless charging. Samsung calls it wireless PowerShare. With this feature, you can share your Fold 2’s battery power and recharge another phone or device that supports Qi wireless charging.

Galaxy Fold 2 has superior hinges compared to the first-generation Fold:

According to numerous reports, the Galaxy Fold 2 has an updated hinge compared to the first generation Fold. The hinges are smooth to operate and can stay in any position or angle. The hinge does not wobble and does not make any sound, and is not flimsy at all.

Is Galaxy Fold 2 dual Sim?

Yes. You can use dual sim on the Galaxy Fold 2. This phone supports both a nano-SIM and an eSIM. The eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan from your mobile carrier without using a physical nano-SIM. So, here’s how you can use dual Sim on Galaxy Fold 2. Activate eSIM from your primary cellular carrier and install a nano-SIM from another cellular network.  

Is the Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fold 2 is not waterproof or dustproof. So, you can’t take this phone to the beach because small sand particles may damage the screen if it gets into the hinges. However, this is not Samsung’s fault. These folding phones use hinge, its very hard to make a hinge water or dustproof. It is why Fold 2 is not IP67 rated.

Does Samsung Fold 2 have s pen?

The Galaxy Fold 2 does not come with an s pen. Moreover, Samsung strongly advises that you don’t use any stylus or s pen. It can damage the flexible screen. It’s mainly because the foldable screen is made out of plastic and does not have any gorilla glass protection.

Does Galaxy Fold 2 come with galaxy buds?

Sad to say, but the Galaxy Fold 2 does not come with either a headphone or any wireless buds. It is really unfortunate that the $2,000 phone does not come with a headphone in the box.

Galaxy Fold 2 does not have FM radio:

Almost all Samsung phones have FM radio support. Unfortunately, the Fold 2 does not have an FM radio built-in. It’s a nice feature, but not sure why Samsung decided not to include it on this phone.

Does Galaxy Fold 2 have a headphone jack?

Galaxy Fold 2 does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. It only has a 3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible USB connector. So, either you have to buy a Type-C USB headphone or purchase wireless earbuds from the open market. Furthermore, Samsung does not ship any headphones or earbuds in the Galaxy Fold 2 package. 

Does Galaxy Fold 2 support 5G?

Every Galaxy Fold 2 that Samsung ships support 5G. Moreover, Samsung has worked very closely with Google during the development of this phone. Google specifically stated that they had fine-tuned the OS so that it works smoothly on the 5G network.

Does Galaxy Fold 2 come with a screen protector?

Samsung ships every Fold 2 phone with a screen protector already installed. Don’t try to remove this screen protector; removing it will damage the flexible display. Moreover, don’t even put another screen protector. It will damage the Galaxy Fold 2.

Does Galaxy Fold 2 have sd card slots?

Samsung Fold 2 does not have any SD card slot for inserting a memory card. Though Fold 2 does not have any expandable memory option, this phone ships with adequate memory one user need. For example, Fold 2 has two memory options to choose from, 256GB or 512GB, which is more than enough. Moreover, you can backup all your photos to Google and Microsoft Drive for free. Google offers unlimited high-quality photo upload to Google Photos. So, memory is not an issue on this phone.

Does Galaxy Fold 2 support dex?

Yes, the Fold 2 supports dex. The dex works in two unique ways. 

  • One, you can control your phone through your laptop or computer. To do this, you need to download the Dex application on your computer from the Samsung website. Now connect your phone to the PC with a USB C cable.
  • Two, share your phone screen with a TV, Monitor, or Projector with a dex cable. This dex cable is nothing but a USB type C MHL to HDMI cable. The cables one end goes to your phone, and another HDMI end goes to your monitor, TV, or projector’s HDMI input port. With this feature, you can give office presentations, watch a movie on your TV, or turn your monitor into a giant phone display.  

Does the Galaxy Z Fold 2 have wireless charging?

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 supports the Qi wireless charging standard. So, you can wirelessly charge Fold 2 with a Qi wireless charger.

Does Galaxy fold work on Verizon?

Yes, the Galaxy Fold 2 not only works on Verizon but also works on AT&T and T-Mobile’s network. Moreover, the Fold 2 has a carrier unlocked version. This unlocked version would work with your preferred carrier too. However, we advise you to confirm with your mobile carrier first whether they would support the Galaxy Fold 2 or not. It would most of the time, but there’s no harm in asking before purchasing this $2000 phone.

Is the Galaxy Fold is a phone?

Everyone, including Samsung, calls the Galaxy Fold a phone. However, we consider the Fold is a new form factor device. We call it a foldable tablet. It’s because, when one user unfolds the device, it becomes a tablet. After completing any task, when the user folds the device, it becomes a phone. But, the device’s real potential lies when it is unfolded. That’s why we call the Galaxy Fold a foldable tablet.

Is Galaxy Fold 2 worth buying?

We have talked to many Fold 2 owners. According to them, Galaxy Fold 2 is worth buying every penny. Like every new technology, this phone has some drawbacks — for example, the crease at the center of the main screen. But Fold 2 early adopters know about this, and they gladly accept this deficiency. Galaxy Fold 2 is a beautiful phone and packs the world’s most advanced display technology inside. This second-generation phone improves upon the first generation’s flaw, and Samsung has fixed all the problems that plagued the first generation Galaxy Fold. So, now is the right time to buy a folding phone.

Once, it was the iPhone that everyone was eager to buy. But now everyone has an iPhone. Over the years, Apple has stopped being the leader in the phone industry, and the iPhone is not the industry’s coolest tech. Now, its Galaxy Fold devices are the coolest technology in the world. Many people don’t even know about this folding phone. So, if you buy one of the Galaxy Fold phones and take it to any social gathering, we are sure it will attract many curious eyes to your phone.

Why is the Samsung Fold so expensive?

Right now, the Galaxy Fold is the most innovative phone in the market. It has two screens, one cover display, and one main foldable OLED display, has 5 cameras in 3 different places, comes with 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, has 7nm+ Snapdragon 865+ octa-core processor, and supports both wireless and reverse wireless charging. Samsung packed all the advanced technology in this phone. 

Samsung is continuously pushing the display industry with its flexible display technology and continually doing Research and Development. All these works need a lot of money. When a technology is new, it always costs more. Over time, technology becomes cheaper. The same is valid for the flexible OLED display. Samsung can only recoup their investment if they can sell a product with their invented technology and make a profit. The Galaxy Fold is at the forefront of this new technology, so Galaxy Fold costs more.


We believe folding devices are the future. Every decade, technology changes. The phone industry is rapidly moving forward with newer innovations each day, and Galaxy Fold is pioneering this folding device industry. Though this device’s price is higher than other phones, we believe this phone’s price would drop as folding display technology becomes cheaper over time.