Motorola Razr 2 5G: Things You Should Know.

We believe folding phones are the future. The flexible display has enabled mobile manufacturers to make folding phones, which was impossible before. The Motorola Razr 2 5G is the improved version over the previously released Moto Razr. 

Note: Motorola Razr 2 5G is also known as Moto Razr2, Moto Razr 2020, Razr gen 2.

Here are the full specs of Moto Razr 5G.

Table: Moto Razr 2 full specifications.

Main Foldable Display6.2 inches 876 x 2142 pixels (373 PPI) foldable plastic OLED screen.
Secondary Display800 x 600 pixels glass OLED screen.
Display Folding TypeClamshell design
ProcessorOcta Core Snapdragon 765G 
Graphics ProcessorAdreno 620
Internal Storage256 GB
CameraMain Camera:48 Megapixel Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) 26mm wide-angle camera. Selfie Camera: 20 MP.
3.5mm Headphone Jack?No.
Fingerprint Sensor?Yes.
Water-Resistant?No. (Only water repellent)
USB3.0, Type C.
Battery2800 mAh
Fast Charging power15W.
Wireless Charging?No.
OSStock Android.
Dual Sim Support?Yes.
External SD card slot?No.

How many times can we fold the Moto Razr 5G?

According to Motorola, we can open and close the Moto Razr 5G 200,000 times. It means we can fold this phone 110 times per day for the next five years before any display issue arises. However, we are still skeptical about this number. We know that as days go by, the flexible display technology would improve, which will eliminate any concern of folding display failure due to too many folds.

Is Motorola Razr 2 Dual SIM?

Motorola Razr 2 has a dual SIM feature. It supports 1 Nano SIM and 1 eSIM. We suggest you enable the eSIM through your primary cell phone carrier and reserve the Nano-SIM slot. This way, you can insert a second SIM on demand, such as a work SIM or a SIM in a foreign country.  

The external 600x800p SD displays can save battery.

The Moto Razr 5G has two displays. When flipped closed, we can use the small external display to complete many tasks such as read messages, answer phone calls, take selfies, use navigation, control music, etc. We know that a screen consumes about 45% of the phone’s charge. Using the external display, we can reduce battery power consumption by a significant amount, extending the daily battery life. It will indirectly extend the folding display lifetime, as we don’t need to open the main screen to complete menial tasks often.

The 48 MP camera only takes 12 MP photos.

Though Motorola Razr 2 comes with a 48 MP camera, it can only take 12 MP photos using that camera. It’s because the 48 MP camera combines 4 pixels into one large quad pixel for a 12 MP photo resolution. It completely refutes Motorola’s claim that their camera is the most advanced selfie camera on the planet with the phone flipped closed. Because in practice, it only takes 12 MP photos.

24 months of OS support.

Motorola has announced that it would provide software updates for its Razr 2 up to two generations that is 24 months. This support is underwhelming for a $1400 phone. 

Clarification of Unlimited Photo Storage Ads.

In the promotion of Razr 5G, Motorola says that you can store unlimited photos in the cloud and remove those backed up images from your phone to free up storage. However, this is not a Motorola feature. It’s Google Photos features. Anyone, both Android and iPhone users, can download the Google Photos app from the app store and backup unlimited photos for free. So, it is not something unique about the Moto Razr 2.

No headphone with Razr 5G.

The Razr 5G does not have any 3.5mm headphone jack. This phone does not have wireless charging. So, while charging, we can’t listen to music unless we buy Bluetooth earbuds from the open market. Though Motorola ships a 3.5mm headset jack adapter, it does not ship any headphones with the phone. We don’t understand why a $1400 phone does not come with a headphone?

Does Motorola Razr 2 have NFC?

Yes. The Moto Razr 2 has NFC built-in. 

Does Motorola Razr 2 have wireless charging?

Sadly, the Razr 2 5G does not support wireless charging. 

Does Razr 5G have an external SD card slot?

No. The Razr 5G does not have any external SD card slot. 

Is Motorola Razr 5G waterproof?

Unfortunately, Moto Razr 5G is not waterproof; it’s only water repellent. However, this is not a Motorola issue. Every folding phone that is on the market right now is not waterproof. It’s because of the hinge that the folding phone uses. Making a mechanical hinge waterproof is hard. Still, Motorola tried very hard and coated the Razr 2 with a water repellent coating. This coating does not make the phone waterproof but will protect the phone from minor water splashes, accidental spills, or light rain.

Moto Razr 2 supports MHL to HDMI connection:

You can share your Razr 2’s screen with a TV, projector, or monitor with an MHL to HDMI cable. You only need to buy a Type-C MHL to HDMI cable from the open market, such as Amazon. The connection procedure is straightforward. 

  • Step 1: Connect the USB end of the cable to your phone.
  • Step 2: Connect the HDMI end of the cable to your TV, or Monitor, or Projector’s HDMI input port.

This way, you can give a presentation in the office from your phone without a laptop, or enjoy movies, play games on a big screen.

Why Is the Motorola Razr so expensive?

We met many people who are incredibly interested in folding phones but put off by the exorbitant price. However, these folding phones are expensive because the flexible display is a new technology. Only a few companies have figured out how to make an excellent folding display. The OEM’s have spent billions of dollars to research and develop this product. To recoup their investment, OEM sells its initial display units at a higher profit margin. Because of this high price of display units, folding phones are expensive. Motorola Razr 5G is using a flexible display, and that’s why it is so costly.

However, after a few years, we believe many display manufacturers will figure out to produce this display at a lower price point. When it happens, other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, will enter the market with cheaper foldable phones.

Moto Razr 2 5G vs. Galaxy Z Flip:

Table: Moto Razr 2 5G vs. Galaxy Z flip specs comparison.

FeatureRazr 2 2020Galaxy Z Flip
Main Display Size6.2 inches.6.7 inches.
Main Display Resolution in pixels876 x 21421080 x 2636
Secondary Display Resolution in pixels600 x 800112 x 300
ProcessorSnapdragon 765GSnapdragon 865+
GPUAdreno 620Adreno 650
Memory256 GB256 GB
OSPure Android 10Android 10 with custom One UI
Main Camera48 MP. Takes 12 MP photos due to quad pixels technology.Dual 12 MP camera.
Selfie Camera20 MP. Takes 5 MP photos due to quad pixels technology.10 MP.
Battery Capacity2800 mAh3300 mAh
Wireless Charging?NoYes, 9W.
Reverse Wireless Charging?NoYes
Fast Charging Power15W15 W.
OS Update Support24 Months.36 Months.
Wi-Fi5th Generation.6th Generation.

Comparison Conclusion:

The above comparison table clearly illustrates that if we spend only $50 more, we can buy the Galaxy Z Flip and get more features than Moto Razr 2. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Flip gives every new user the following free offers:

  • 6 months free subscription of Spotify Premium.
  • 4 months free YouTube Premium.
  • 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with 100 Xbox game titles.
  • Furthermore, Samsung offers 0% APR up to 48 months financing option to purchase the Galaxy Z Flip.

Motorola Razr 2 does not give any of the offers mentioned above. So, here is the question –

Is Motorola Razr 5G worth it?

The pricing of the Moto Razr is confusing. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G exists at $1450, then why did Motorola decide to sell its Razr 2 at $1400 with inferior hardware than Z Flip?

Z Flip has a higher resolution display, Snapdragon 865+ vs. 765G, has WiFi 6, a larger battery, has wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, 3 years vs. 2 year software support, no ugly notch, and no giant chin. Razr 5G only has a larger exterior screen and maybe a millimeter of extra pocket space when folded. It is a comparatively inferior phone but priced within $50 of each other.

However, Razr 5G has one significant advantage over the Galaxy Flip. It runs on pure Android OS, whereas Samsung modifies the Android OS. Historically, we found that Samsung software performance degrades after several years. Moreover, every Samsung phone is plagued by battery overheating issues. The Galaxy Z Flip also becomes very hot while playing games or doing any process-intensive work. Razr 2 does not have any of these issues.

Still, the value proposition of Z Flip is way more than the Razr 2. That’s why Motorola Razr 5G is not worth your money.

Final Words:

Moto Razr 2 is a significant improvement over the first generation Razr. Motorola fixed all the issues that plagued the Razr. If you are nostalgic about the Razr brand and want pure Android OS, this phone is for you. However, If you are on the market to buy a flip folding phone, then the Galaxy Z flip is a better option than this Razr 5G. Furthermore, before you make a final purchasing decision, please visit your nearest BestBuy or AT&T, T-mobile, or Verizon store, compare both phones by yourself and make the final purchasing decision.