Petrified Forest National Park.

Petrified Forest National Park is the only place in the whole world where you can see the petrified trees in vast quantities. One full day is enough to see all the attractions in this park. But I recommend two full days. There are few stores around this area which have some fantastic collection of rocks. These stores are also a must-visit place.

This national park is not your typical national park. This park is not open 24 hours a day. Please visit for park hours.

Park Fees:

If you plan to visit multiple national parks, I always recommend buying “America the Beautiful Annual Pass.” Visit: You can also purchase these passes at the park gate.

Park Website:

Park Maps:!/maps/alphacode/PEFO


Petrified forest national park does not have any campground. However, if you have RV, you can camp outside of the park gate for free.


Visit for current and historic weather at the petrified forest national park.


  • Painted Desert Inn
  • Agate Bridge
  • Puerco Pueblo
  • Rainbow Forest Museum
  • Newspaper Rock
  • Jasper Forest
  • Agate House
  • Crystal Forest
  • Giant Logs
  • Pintado Point
  • Tiponi Point
  • Route 66 Point


1 Full day is enough to visit all the attractions in this park.

I highly recommend visiting these stores:

  • Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Co, Holbrook, Arizona.
  • Crystal Forest Museum & Gifts, Holbrook, Arizona.


Inside this park, near the Rainbow Forest Museum, there is one gift shop named “Rainbow Forest Lodge.” I recommend not to buy anything from this store due to high prices compared to other stores outside of the park.

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