Can Governments Ban, Block, Censor Starlink Internet?

SpaceX’s Starlink is a global satellite internet. Its satellite signal reaches everywhere. 

Anyone with the Starlink antenna and router can get access to the internet without any barriers.

Many governments like China or Russia can block, sensor, or ban Starlink. However, their control is limited to inside their country. They can’t censor or block Starlink and its constellation in other countries.

Governmental Block on Starlink

Even though Starlink can provide internet everywhere, SpaceX will still honor local governmental law. Every country where SpaceX wants to operate has to take a local ISP license to sell Starlink equipment.

Many governments in the world strictly control their people’s information access. They control the media and the internet for their benefit. Thus, they censor and block the internet.

Most governments will block it as Starlink provides direct internet access. And they can do it in several ways.

Starlink satellites have inter-laser connectivity. One satellite can communicate with another using this laser connection. However, it’s a new technology that SpaceX is using in space. It has not been perfected yet.

Therefore, Starlink satellite needs ground stations worldwide to provide internet to customers.

If any government wants to block Starlink, they will not allow SpaceX to install ground stations inside their country. It is the first thing they can do to stop it.

Second, they will make it illegal to use Starlink’s internet. Therefore, no one can buy or use the Starlink antenna. 

Moreover, the government can demand SpaceX stop providing service in their country. 

The Starlink dish has a built-in GPS. Therefore SpaceX knows where each antenna is located. SpaceX can block access if a dish operates in a region where it is not supposed to.

SpaceX is in the satellite launch business. Their primary revenue comes from various governments that hire SpaceX to launch their satellites. 

Currently, they control more than 75% of commercial launch business. Understandably, SpaceX will not want to lose this. They will follow local laws without hesitation.

Thus, even if you live in a country where you can get the Starlink satellite signal, it will not give you access to the internet unless the local government allows it. 

However, in extreme situations (such as war), Starlink can provide internet access without permission.

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Can Starlink Work in China?

Technically, Starlink will work in China. However, SpaceX will not provide internet over there for multiple reasons.

China has a massive firewall on its internet. People don’t have free internet access over there. Therefore, China will block and ban Starlink.

Even if someone brings a Starlink terminal from outside China, SpaceX will still not provide internet in that region.

Elon Musk owns SpaceX, and Starlink is a SpaceX product. He also owns Tesla.

Elon Musk has said numerous times that China is a big market for Tesla vehicles. It’s why he opened a Chinese Tesla Giga factory. The Chinese market is very crucial for Tesla’s success.

Elon Musk is very critical and vocal about US politics, government rules, and regulations. However, Elon never says anything negative about China because he fears it may anger the Chinese government. 

If the Chinese government gets upset with Elon, he knows they can absolutely shut down the Tesla factory, which will hurt Tesla.

Thus, by controlling Tesla, the Chinese government can control Starlink indirectly. 

They already have a ban on the Starlink satellite constellation and will never allow its internet inside their country.

However, if the Chinese government allows Starlink to operate inside their country, it will be a censored internet. They will ask SpaceX to use Chinese ground stations. And these ground stations will be connected to the local Chinese internet. 

Therefore, the Chinese government can control the internet the Chinese residents receive.

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Can Governments like China or Russia shoot down Starlink Satellites?

India, the USA, China, and Russia have shown capabilities to shoot down satellites from the ground. 

The USA first showed the technology in which they shot down a moving satellite. Later both China and Russia also proved that they have the capabilities to do so.

Moreover, the first Chinese space station was destroyed by China by shooting it down.

Therefore, both China and Russia can shoot down Starlink satellites. 

But there’s some major issue if they do it.

Each Starlink satellite is very close together, and thousands of them are in the sky. Eliminating one satellite will not do anything. Other satellites will provide internet access without interruption.

Another problem is that the debris from the damaged Starlink will travel at thousands of miles speed in every direction. Some will go up, and some will go down. 

Thus, debris hitting other active operational satellites is very high. Now, if the debris hits another satellite, it will destroy the other satellites and produce more debris. 

It’s a chain reaction that has the possibility of destroying almost every satellite in space.

Therefore, even though China and Russia can shoot down satellites, they won’t do it. Because if they do, they will damage their satellites.

Can Starlink Signals be Jammed and Hacked?

Every satellite that operates in space is susceptible to signal jamming and hacking. Russia even tried to jam the Starlink internet a few years ago. But they failed.

Starlink dedicates a lot of engineers to circumvent these hacking and jamming efforts by adversarial government entities. 

Even if agencies fail to hack, they can blanketly jam the Starlink signal. This way, no one will be able to use the internet. It’s similar to GPS jamming.

Moreover, the US military and airforce use Starlink. Thus, SpaceX does everything, so other adversarial states can’t jam the signal easily.

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Can Countries Ban Starlink?

Starlink is a global internet. Still, they need local licenses to operate in every country. 

Many countries, however, will ban and have banned Starlink. 

They will not allow it to operate for several reasons, such as control of information, protecting local ISPs, etc.

Countries like China and India strongly favor local businesses. If a foreign entity comes for business, it may decimate local ISPs. Therefore, China has already put a shadow ban on Starlink.

Many countries have refused to provide licenses, such as Russia and Azerbaijan. Because these countries don’t have free-flowing internet, thus they banned Starlink.

However, a user can take a user terminal inside the country. 

As Starlink’s signals are available everywhere, a user will be able to get the internet without any problem unless SpaceX has decided otherwise.

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